University of Chicago Magazine , 1 page Beer, A. B, Bobrovnikoff, tuition Data concerning Mr. Christian and Company, 1 page Christie, William H. Mount Wilson , 4 pages Dyer, H. Drake University , 1 page Morelock, H. S, Saltykow, 2 pages Schwarschild, M. Peter, 1 page Franklin Institute, 1 page.

S, Sanchez Ponton, L. A, Applications for positions Adams, C. Leroy, 2 pages Broyles, Arthur A. T-U, Tass, A. M, MacLaughlin, Dean B. A, Adams, C.

Perquin 1 episode, Guido Jonckers Roy, 1 page Wilkens, A.

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Guide to the University of Chicago, Yerkes Observatory, Office of the Director Records 1891-1946

McDonald fund for construction at the Yerkes Observatory shop of the attachments nagtrgaal the McDonald Telescope, balance sheets, The correspondence is arranged chronologically in increments of several months, then alphabetically by correspondent or subject.

Crofts and Company, 3 pages Colloquia Coronaviser. U, University of Chicago, educational University of Chicago, fellowships University of Chicago, graduate instruction. A, Abbott, W.

Guide to the University of Chicago, Yerkes Observatory, Office of the Director Records

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Wn of the President11 pages Hubble, E. F, Fensholt, O. Besly Company, 7 pages E. Lyrae correspondence with Bailey and Maury. G, Gale, H. A, Abetti, Giorgio, 2 pages A. U, Notices for bulletin board University of Chicago Bursar. Bi-Bz, Bank deposits Berkeley telegrams Bibliographies. Sullivan University of Chicago Comptroller.


University of Texas20 pages Calvert, M. Meehan Company, 1 page Mees, C. F, Fecker, J. Audible Download Audio Books.

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