By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Akatsuki receives a mission from the Land of Hot Water, to kill an apparent immortal. They all leave together. Madara recovers from having absorbed the tree, telling Naruto he can’t be defeated. Might Guy child voice Mutsumi Tamura Ashura worries that Indra’s demeanour will alienate others. Team Minato return the scroll and complete the mission, however it is discovered that they were decoys and that both scrolls were fakes. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more.

Lee stays behind to stall the Root shinobi, but one of them engages him, allowing the others to continue. The two teams return the children to their mother. Sasuke teleports Kaguya between himself and Naruto, almost making physical contact, but Kaguya teleports everyone to her ice dimension, locking them in place with ice. Duy reiterated that becoming strong is not about winning or defeating enemies, but protecting something precious. Teams Kakashi and Guy wonder where Naruto and Neji vanished to. Sasori brings out his hundred puppets. Black Zetsu continues to influence him.

The Complete Naruto Shippuden Episode Guide (NO FILLERS)

Naruto tries offering Kakashi dango, but Kiba comes by with Akamaru, who jumps on some pigeons. As Naruto races to the rock, he vows to himself to never give up, and doesn’t notice the crack in the ground and falls. Shikamaru explains to his team why they should prioritise meeting up with the other teams. Before the ninja attacks him, Itachi slashes his throat, and asks Fugaku why the ninja tried to kill him. Itachi jumps off a cliff, but upon noticing a crow, he slows his descent with kunai, and befriends the crows.

Naruto explains he feels pain when Sasuke is going through a tough time. Naruto is visited by Gaara and the Raikage, along with Killer Simmary, who congratulate him.

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Jiraiya battles the four-tailed Episodf, who destroys Jiraiya’s chakra-suppressing seal. Madara escapes Naruto and Sasuke’s attack by sacrificing his Limbo, and flies away to steal Kakashi’s Sharingan. Itachi feels an ominous wind as Obito summons the Nine-Tails. Jiraiya, the supposed author of this mess, officially has the writing skills of an overexcited kindergartner.


Hagoromo warns a would-be victim about him, enraging him.

The Complete Naruto Shippuden Episode Guide (NO FILLERS) – WTFGamersOnly

On the move, Shisui questions Sasuke’s resolve in joining the mission, when everyone else is epjsode above him and Sasuke explains his motivation. In what should come as a surprise to no one, Naruto subsequently reveals that he feels similarly about Sasuke. As Naruto leaves the village, Konohamaru uses what he learned to attack Pain. This forces Tenji, unaware that she was pregnant with their twin sons, to order Kaguya’s death to keep the peace.

Gyuki decides to return to Killer B and Kurama to Naruto. Mourning for her mother and being horrified from the bite marks on her body, Karin is assigned to the medical team, while she stays at home. Sukea introduces himself as a photographer summmary in getting a big scoop. Months pass when Sasuke is pardoned for his services in the war and decides to leave for a journey of redemption.

The ruined hands of the statues and blood flowing out from their amputated arms then depict the unison seal, alluding Naruto and Sasuke’s reconciliation. The one responsible berates the genin for sacrificing their comrades to follow rules.

Aoki Môjû VS Rikudô Madara

The last escortee shippudden Minato to ensure that the scroll is real, as two of them were given scrolls.

Neji confirms the chakra of the villagers is inside it with summmary Byakugan. She confirms with her Byakugan that they are reincarnations of her grandsons Ashura and Indra.

Team 7 continues to wait for the light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi to subside. The escortee is found by the traitors and attacked, however Obito and Kakashi arrive in time to save him. Despite working hard his entire life and graduating from the Ninja Academy at the top of his class, Sasuke feels inferior to his longtime rival.


The masked individual berates them for putting rules ahead of the lives of children, and invites Neji to discover the secrets Konohagakure has in that village.

Sakura treats Hinata’s injury. On a gathering, Sasori informs Pain that Orochimaru is likely alive, as they were unable to find his corpse. The other genin join the fight to protect Sasuke while Team Jiraiya observes the fight.

Obito attacks the Uchiha at the police force, while Itachi attacks the ones at the compound. But the transference is intercepted by Black Zetsu as he absorbs the Nine-Tails chakra.

Kakashi becomes happy to see their teamwork and remembers about the time when he first met them.

The minute or so we see of her ideal world demonstrates that it would have been fun to explore in greater detail. That’s something, I guess. Minato tells the others they have to help Guy, and gives Lee one of his kunai. Sakura is irate that Naruto would try that on someone so powerful, but naruuto shocked when Naruto lands a hit on Kaguya.

Sasuke and the other Uchiha discuss their jobs and the relations with the village. Researching the Infinite Tsukiyomi, Hagoromo was able to free most of the people bound in the God Tree and later extracts his shiippuden chakra and divides it into the tailed beasts before sealing the now-powerless Gedo Statue within the moon.

A group of Sand shinobi have lost track of their target. Hagoromo wants to wait for Ashura’s return before making his decision. Tobirama unsuccessfully tries to free Orochimaru’s team from the roots of the God Tree. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.