Clean Merit over Nepotism. Please subscribe, share or like! Once upon a time there was an oversmart villager who sold a water well to his neighbor. Its a story about friendship based on utility between a barber and a fox. This is such story about a parent who is looking for right match for his son. Being humble is one hidden secret for happiness to one’s life. Listen to this nice message oriented story to know..

Did minister found out? Young queen is jealous about other queen and king. One of the most important people skill is hidden in this story. I’ll tell you tomorrow.. Checkout how they get the punishment from the King’s judgement. No problem seem impossible to solve when you have right ideas. Listen further to know how! This classic story tells an invaluable story to all of us.

So the ant develops ego and this is all about how her ego has been treated. There was a kid who is mischievous and plays practical jokes on everyone.

This is a beautiful fantasy story set in Kings world features Kings, loyalty, treachery, politics, morale, and wars! One of the most important people skill is hidden in this story. Check out this story to know about their yet another funny story!

Listen how Birbal solved it. Goat’s parents love her so much.

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So she devices a plan to kill king and steal entire kingdom for herself. Listen to this story on how a landlord’s good deeds comes back to him through his birds. This is a story of a little mouse which befriends with elephant and learns about greed and wrong friendship. A quest by queen’s children to cure her chronic depression problem. Stories of in laws are really popular in any culture: Please subscribe, like and share!


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This story is about a rabbit who is in grave danger from a lion and how it escapes from that danger with nxva idea. Naive is nothing less than a fool! Clean Curb your greed. There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.

Once blamed its not possible to take it back, on top correcting your mistake will be extremely difficult. Paramanandayya Sishyulu were back with another mischievous act! Why do we offer gifts that they are capable to Sadhus we come across? There was a village full of cheaters.

How can Vddam do? Please subscribe, share or like! I’ll tell you tomorrow. King Akbar once said “people will pick their profession based upon their traits.

Clean Together we are strong. Tenali Ramakrishna is our Telugu pride! Once upon a time there was an oversmart villager who sold a water well to his neighbor.

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Did the tree come? Clean Water always flows down on the jeegana. Once upon a time Guru Paramanandayya got booboo on his leg and causing severe pain. Checkout this story to know whether anyone exists. This is a story about an old eagle called Jaradgavam cohabited and supported by neighbor birds.

Specially enhanced with audio effects to nourish imagination and creativity among your kids. This story is about a greedy business man who tries to exploit others from a situation but ended up settling navw fair justice. Presiding over the empire at its zenith, he is regarded as an icon by many Indians. Have you heard about the biggest heist of our favorite 12 idiot students of paramanandayya?


Sun News 3 years ago. Checkout this story about zeason named Veerabhadram and how he learned about importance of skill and his expectation of skill. Peppa Pig – Official Channel 5 years ago.

Namaste Telugu 2 years ago. This fun filled story is about a scholar who brags about its knowledge, but meets with an interesting survival challenge.

Telugu Stories by Kadachepta

Listen to these stories with family to light up your mood, or have a good laugh on the go! Always treat others fairly and equally. When we poke into others matters or totally unrelated matters, we are often greeted with words like “Mind your own business”.

Listen to this story for such a time with Sri Krishna Devaraya and how Tenali saved the treasure with his clever plan. Play this story to your kids to teach them valuable lesson practical jokes. Tenali Ramakrishna back again! Checkout our newest collection of Tenali Ramakrishna audio stories!

King Akbar’s ring was stolen once.