The two of them are tucking into the pizza and playing around when Greg arrives home. Steph is trying to make excuses for Greg and is wanting to know if Toadie thought she was leading him on when they were together. Rebecca Napier James Sorensen Ty Harper gone from regular cast list. Because if you tell her I’ll never have a chance to get back with her. Steph admits she’d feel a tad uneasy about it, but she sure as hell wouldn’t stop him from seeing her.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Lesley Coleman Danny Canter: Callum Jones credit only Steve Bastoni Indiscretions from Kyle, thoughtless, and Didge, mean, wreck Ringo’s chance for a reconciliation with Donna. Toadie offers her the chance to work on the script with him, Steph agrees to this saying there are a few things she’d like to see in there. Bridget Parker Jane Hall

Donna feels bad about kissing Kyle before, saying she reminds herself of her mother. If she hated me she wouldn’t have dropped the case. No 30 – Living room: Steph tells him it’s none of his business and reminds him that her and Toadie go “way back”.

Zeke and Sunny begin covert dating. Perri Cummings Surprised Talent: Lesley Coleman Jill Ramsay: Mary Annegeline Zara Phaelen: Georgie Durham Wilma Shay: Declan takes Didge aside for a chat to make sure she hasn’t told Donna what Ringo said about her. Daniel Fitzgerald Scott Major Dan and Rebecca walk over to them. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.


Zeke and Sunny are playing I Spy when Zeke says that Sunny needs to realise “she’s a lot better than what she thinks she is”. Rebecca and Karl walk past the cupboard where Sunny and Zeke are locked in, not hearing them call out. Steph doesn’t understand what his problem is with Toadie being her friend.

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend | Episode Summaries | Episode

First appearance of Ashleigh Brewer as Katie Ramsay. Ain’t that the truth. Steve Syson Lou Carpenter: Rebecca springs up looking very dishevelled and lamely says that she lost an earring. Bridget Parker Jane Hall Paul suddenly drives up the dusty road much to Rebecca’s surprise. That’s not what happened. Well I’m sure nneighbours wouldn’t have gone to a lawyer if it was Libby that wrote it.

Zeke and Sunny are still stuck in the cupboard, Sunny thinks that she is stupid and arrogant for getting stuck in this situation. Don’t you ever speak to me again. Camp – Supplies cupboard: Nick Farnell Nadia Vossi: You really care what he thinks about you, don’t you?

They are still arguing about this when Karl, Dan and Rebecca approach, suspicious of the group hanging around together. Pouting like a 5-year-old he walks out again. Fitzy I’m sorry neivhbours this camp is a real fizzer. Steph works out that he is jealous of her friendship with Toadie and storms off.

Although her scenes with Paul enighbours really just an excuse for him to be in the episode. Didge, Donna, Sunny and Zeke are all enjoying a walk around the campsite imagining what it would’ve been like if they’d neihbours Sunny and Zeke were in the cupboard!


Didge doesn’t want her to go as this will be the last bit of fun she has before the baby is born. Nick Farnell Kyle Canning: Ringo, Kyle, Dec, Didge and Donna are discussing whether or not they should let Zeke and Sunny out, Kyle is against it saying “rules is rules”.

Donna turns to Ringo, clearly upset and pushes him to the floor, warning him never to speak to her again. Didge orders her to distract Karl somehow – she’ll go neighbpurs help from the guys.

Episode #1.5687

Broom Cupboard Zeke’s now using his iPod for light, but it’s low on battery life as well. Oh God help us.

Carolyn Masson Lou Carpenter: Kevin Summers Jennifer Warren: Mary Annegeline Delivery Driver: Steph neighbouts putting Charlie’s toys into a box when Greg walks back in asking if she needs a hand. She walks over and discovers that he’s booked a swish hotel room nearby and wants to whisk her away for some pampering.