Check the other tabs for more. Click the flower pot as shown. Keep doing this till you get the same image as above. While we know that it would be easier to just submit your star data to a calculator that gives you the exact coordinates of your constellations this is a freezable offence. Paste the coordinates in the box below. Star Data Constellation Finder Telescope Open up the link for the telescope and find the sleeper constellation using the constellation finder results. Here is a pic to help and a list of all the possible combinations it could be.

Click continue, click return to council chamber then click the king the loupe as shown and your done!! Now, once you have entered in your X and Y coordinates, press enter and slowly move your mouse over each book shelf on each bookcase till it is clickable, when it is, open it up in a new tab. Enter star data above Wave: Now click on one of the waves. Open up the link for the telescope and find the sleeper constellation using the constellation finder results. The colours of the stars are the same as they appear through the telescope. If you are working through multiple parts in one sitting, you may eventually reach a point where the finder cannot locate certain constellations. Average is about 30 seconds.

If you get anything less then just out an X on your note pad.

You will get a telescope. Sets the size in pixels of all the stars 2 or 3 works best Map size: You are looking for this guy Once at the punch table you need to click on the punches in orders of 3. You will now get you new constellation. Star Data Constellation Finder. According to Neopets you’re not allowed to use any device that does all the work for you. After flooding Altador start in the room on the far left; click each valve once only, then move into the middle room and click each valve or lever once only, then go into the room on the far right and altafor each valve or lever once only.


Then click this link and choose UH OH? Neopets Alerts Now There are no active daily alerts.

Altador Plot

This is the water plant part. Click this link and click a gear that is clickable to put the stone in. Repeat this process starting over again in the room on the far left a few times and you should get it right away. When done correctly, you will see the image below. Keep refreshing till you fihd from this —. Constellwtion you can check back to the king the next day to get a new avatar and check daily to get new goodies.

Click on the symbol on the paper he is holding to get the next conestellation 1 2 You know the drill. Enter in one combination of 3 then move your mouse over the golden cup, if you cannot click it, try another combination. This can take hours however so firefox is a good idea. Enter star data above Protector: Now click on one of the waves To get this 1 You know the drill.

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Enter star data above Collector: The hard way and the easy way. The dimensions of the star map, if you have a low resolution you might want to use a smaller size.


Click the lever in the left corner, when the farmer turns up, click the door, then click on a bail of hey as shown below. This takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 mins. There is about 8 archways in each section, so just open them all in new tabs and close them down as you go though. Keep refreshing till you go from this — To this, you are looking for a tiny bit of ribbon Click then little ribbon thing and then click continue.

You will need to put all your neopoints in the bank and only withdraw exactly times the current inflation rate for each shop. The colours of the stars are the same as altaodr appear through the telescope. Enter star data above Hunter: Where can I find the Star coordinates?

Click on the rock shown below to get the fake constellation.

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Use the Neopets clock to help. Look at you URL of the page you opened by clicking on the door handles and insert the X and Y coordinates. Average is about 30 seconds.

An easy way of doing this to open each section in new tabs. This page will help you to find your constellations for the altador plot by showing you all your stars.