Is it the journey not the discovery? Thanks GF for the recap. I think the romance could’ve been developed a loot better. She asks where he went and left her there all alone? My father will be a little pleased, right? Can someone help me understand that bit? I think that hematoma thing actually is Maru’s road to redemption.

This show is so intense. Now, it’s Maru’s turn to tell Eun Ki to run away with him Is she angry that somebody took over steering of this doomed car? She says she had a dream last night: I like Moon Chaewon; she is cute and all but a great actress?! JH and MY’s moral compass has wavered back and forth.

Knowing the writer though, the whole amnesiac ending is a good compromise. I can go to bed happy, now.

Why change all this method? Even if Maru has yet to learn his lesson, I must say that that scene between him and Jae-hee really moved me. Finally Choco gets a message that makes her suddenly stiffen: Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Oh Jae Gil, come here and lemme give you a hug! She asks where he went and left her there all alone?

I will hold on to this possibility like a life line for the next few days. I can’t deal with the heavy-duty emotional stuff right now, but can we please raise a toast to whoever did Jae-hee’s amazing manicure and got her bob to look less ajumma-like?

They really do make you look forward to what will happen in succeeding episodes, making you want for more. Mayakho November 10, at 2: So, do it like you did it is my vote. One moment of admittedly-integrated-but-still-completely-obvious use of product placement later, and Eun-ki has the license plate. Maru shows up to the gown fitting as he narrates that last part, smiling at her in her gown while thinking of their possible lack of future.

It was already bad enough the first time when she was in love with him pre-car-crash. And here I thought Eun Gi loved him beyond reason. This was the first episode that I didn’t want to ff any scenes. Help me with wedding preparations. Love means never hiring someone to kick a person in the ribs and stomp them into submission.


Does that even make sense???? Had he not decided as he mentioned later wrongly and with totally stupid notions to take the blame for her, the picture would have changed. I loved the moment in a previous episode when he narrated about his reluctance to wake up lest his happiness disperse, because for once I felt I could believe what he was saying, since he was saying it to himself.

She knows only who to take, take and take. What do I do? Episodes by LollyPip.

Sinopsis ‘Nice Guy @ Innocent Man’ All Episodes

Worry is etched into his face as he goes searching for her, and relief floods him when he finds her dozing off on a kutuudrama. My father will be a little pleased, right?

JH will lose her poSition as the chairman and also her status and won’t kutudra,a MR,EK will get her position back but won’t actually end up wIth MR and MR will either end up ina vegetative state or with no memories of the two ladies no one is dying in this drama even evil lawyer will likely end up in jail who know dia cud be room for a season two,dat will really be badass.

It would have been Maru hoping that the real old Eun Gee not partial Eun Gee who only hates Maru find her way back to him. Eun Gi asks what if her assessment of Maru was wrong?

Nice Guy Episode 17 Recap

Eungi freezes as Maru speaks again and asks, “Do you know me? D Well, 2 more episodes to go and how kuyudrama they gonna solve that murder secret and Maru’s hematoma?

He did that so she found out sooner than later. Since guu my senses and logic practically jumped into the Han River when they had that imaginary conversation. But that doesn’t mean they are the only ones to blame. Honestly, it’s exhausting BUT I have nooo idea why everyone is angry at each other. My only hope was JaeGil, but now she has no reason to trust him either. I feel episodd you too! Park shi-yeon totally owns the role of Jae Hee.


Lawyer Ahn claims the Chairman was dead when they found him. Despite Eun-ki’s disagreements with her father, she was probably, for the most, part pretty filial and she cared about him a lot.

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The fact that Maru is lying to her about how bad of a person he is, I hope Eun Gi sees it as the other way round. Betsy Hp November 16, at 5: Different reactions to the same scenes. And I loved, loved, loved that her wedding endgame iutudrama the hulk-smash move of humiliating both Jae-hee and Maru with one giant scandal.

Download the latest version here. It’s like when you let a friend drive drunk and he gets into an accident. One thing I can’t figure out was why in that first instance when eun gi returned to his kutuframa, he was initially pushing her away? I think he was already in the process of falling in her before the car crash.

She glares coldly and says that while she was infatuated with him, her father died. If there is someone dying at the end it should be JH and her minion for being responsible for the death of several innocent ppl. Personally I wouldn’t have minded more twisted and convoluted plans and thoughts.