The dialogue was so smart throughout. Jan 21, Matthew rated it really liked it Recommended to Matthew by: But I couldn’t help seeing some Infinite Jest similarities, but that is probably just because of the films, and the powerful almost unreal quality given to the films. View all 9 comments. By the end it could well have been 5 stars. You might also think, well the first book was derivative, and she can’t possibly pull off the Secret History thing again, so what’s she going to rip off this time? We’re living longer, we social network alone with our screens, and our depth of feeling gets shallower.

I’m a nosy bit so I kept leaving it to Google things that come up in the story. Some kind of witch or warlock? Boy was I sucked into this one! I’m going to say it’s a book you should be excited about for this year, and try try try to read it without having anything spoiled for you in advance. She’s said to have jumped down an elevator shaft in an abandoned building. A genius who gained fame immediately after his first horror film release — Cordova has spent his life in exile on his private estate hmmmmm, maybe Marlon Brando had a part of this baby-making process too making additional films and only interacting with the lucky? Cordova put him in the film and later took him to the hospital where they could not re-attach the fingers.

Dark rumors have swirled around Cordova since his retreat into his private, palatial compound summay as “The Peak”. He is the shadow that looms over this entire book. It doesn’t feel like it, but now seven years later she’s got her follow-up to Special Topics in Calamity Physics.

Even his films are hard to come by — and the mere claim that they are transformative and brilliant isn’t enough to really convince readers. See all 26 questions about Night Film….

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InScott McGrath attempted to bring Cordova into the light and reveal him as a psychopath; sadly, his attempt found him facing a million-dollar lawsuit for slander from Cordova’s lawyers, which later saw McGrath lose his job and family. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Even though he works alone, he’ll soon find himself in company of two troubled youths – Nora, an aspiring actress and Hopper, a not-aspiring semi-drug dealer.


Art, language, food, men, womenthey had to be summqry fed to him as if he were a ravenous beast that could barely be contained within human walls. Yes, there seems to be black magic afoot, and so the reader is encouraged to add films such as The Wicker Man and Kill List to a mental shortlist of other influences, which probably also include The Amityville Horror and Un Chien Andalou. I will lay this book out for you: Retrieved November 17, Some kind of witch or warlock?

There was a 20 foot military fence around the whole property, for reasons. Despite the massive backlash, Cordova’s movies continued to be shown to those who desired to see them sumjary “red-band screenings”, taking place underground figuratively and literally in dark places. She’s said to have jumped down an elevator shaft in an abandoned building.

And I will miss Scott, Nora and Hopper. The only reason I’m giving it a 4. I should have employed a notebook to keep track of who was who. There’s little tension and no suspense here, and a lot of Ms.

When Ashley Cordova commits suicide, the hunt is on once again. With the belief that Stanislas Cordova was heavily involved in her death, disgraced nifht journalist Scott McGrath reluctantly teams up with exuberant aspiring actress Nora Halliday and the mysterious and aloof Hopper njght determine what really happened.

This story could so easily be translated on screen due to the fact that it is already SO vivid.

Night Film received a lot of hype even before its publication, being the sophomore effort of Vilm Pessl, who came pesso fame with her debut Special Topics in Calamity Physics.

This is a really cool concept that I haven’t seen too many authors do, but I feel like it does make it a more enjoyable reading experience. The Blackboards actually exists. A question that McGrath keeps asking those few who knew him who are epssl to talk. Basically, this was a rough read for me because Scott, the main protagonist of this thriller, nighr sexist, racist and transphobic. They’d probably stay that way unless Apple invented the iPiano, which fit inside your pocket and could be mastered via text message.


Scott’s poor taste in prose is evidently catching, because other characters he meets instantly begin talking in this robotically emphatic way as well. One other note about the multimedia aspects. Has it happened yet? This has gotten some glowing reviews from some of my much smarter Goodreads friends so your mileage may vary.

Dark magic, nihht and devil worship do play a part in this book. McGrath paid a heavy price financially when Cordova sued him, and also professionally when some of his allegations proved to be based on chimeric evidence. The whole book is littered with massive spoilers and this book is too much fun to want to ruin it because some jackoff on the internet wants to tell you his thoughts on some twist, turn or plot point.

Night Film

So creative, dark and gripping. The woo-woo spookiness was captivating for about pages, but then it just went on and on and my eyes began to roll with boredom. Scott McGrath is a well respected investigative journalist who has made a career out of plumbing the depths of the unsavoury pssl the grim to expose the truth that lies below. I clearly want to keep gushing and gushing, but I’ll stop. His name was Hank Weed.

I mean, how lucky can this white njght get? I received a copy of this book from first reads giveaway. The writing reminded me of Tana French a bit, literary but still suited to a detective tale.