Guilt is a very real and very painful issue with a stillborn. I have not been paying attention to this story and I come into it seeing this article from Megan as the first bit of information on it that I am getting. What an insult to elephant seals! Nicole is a gutter whore of the worst kind however and I do believe the entire thing was staged. Like everyone else said, that picture is from when her mom was in the hospital and they staged pictures. And I’m not going to talk about slutball at all in my post, that’s what she wants, and I won’t give her that. There are pictures of Lyle kissing the fake baby belly, and another of him kissing the teddy bear “she put the baby’s ashes in”.

Although i won’t lie I might get botox when I’m older much older! My best friend had a stillborn. Buck tooth dinosaur face. Phil to sit her down and get her to spill it all. If the purge was real, she’d be the first thing on my list. I couldn’t, in good conscious, tamper with it. Nikkole also said he was threatening her as he was outside or something. From Teen Mom Junkies:.

During this time mom may be sent home to allow her body to prepare for the delivery. Don’t mess with your face! It really should be taken more seriously though It’s fucked up in the head to lie about stuff like that.

People might think it’s weird, but she was my baby and that’s all I have left of her. God they are both such twat waffles. Share your thoughts in the comments below! Imagine the running mascara. But, once he was outside, she shut and locked the door and informed him he needed to find a way home on his own. I wish there was a way without harming a baby to make her know what she’s done, to actually understand the gravity of her lies and her actions.


I didn’t because I felt it was morally wrong to steal someone else’s money and went onto my own transaction.

Nikkole Paulun, a mother of two who appeared on Season 2 of 16 And Pregnant. He is in jail right now for trespassing because nikkole cheated on him and he confronted her at home and she called the cops because he refused to leave her lawn.

She is the absolute literal worst. It just seems so wrong to put a young child through that if this was all true.

They get handed to the parents in a sealed envelope in case one day they feel ready seaso look at them. We just need a creative name. Is it just me or is Lyle looking like he’s facing the camera but hanging his head. I cannot imagine going through that, let alone lying about it.

Pregnant Nikkole Paulun says baby’s father Ryan Rice abused her multiple times

Does The Ashley know if her mother still has legal custody of Lyle? The law and the hospital procedure protocols will determine the choices the parents have for the remains of the baby. To even think, for a second, that someone could fabricate such grief She episore a horrible person. It was just something I wouldn’t necessarily want to share with anyone closer than family or make my profile picture. As in, “look sad about your dead brother” hanging his head. Remember when she got that monstrosity on her back really soon after the “stillbirth” and there was something about MTV cameras being there to see her mom’s reaction?


With jenelle it took all of 5 minutes for people to find the birth record of episose roll. My guilt would eat me alive, lol. And I love your name haha. There is no need to judge how fellow human beings deal with such a tragedy.

Who is Nikkole Paulun’s baby daddy Ryan Rice? Was he abusive?

I know it sounds morbid, but it’s what my parents wanted, and the photo hangs in our living room, and my siblings have never said anything bad about having to be in a picture with their dead brother. I really hope the down votes were accidental like it can happen with touch screens. She’s unforgivable, but you have to prove intent and all this shit and rule out mental illness not hard to get an expert to agree to a bullshit diagnosis so I honestly think nothing legal will ever happen to her for this.

Nikkole Paulun and Ryan Rice in November of year-old Nikkole reveals to Teen Mom Junkies that she and Ryan first met in November ofand despite an initial reluctance on her part, the two began dating shortly after. Even with a still birth there would be a birth and death certificate.

She’s a bucktoothed potato face or a horse.