But what does it have to do with this? This is the best time for me to attack as well. Sensei, are you sure you’re awake? Brother is fighting against them. Thank you so much. Okou Hamana Background Art: The moon is covered by cloud. No wonder you’re so fat.

This is going to be our new home. As a result Kisanta, who received an assignment meant for a sixth year, has gone missing after trying to sneak into Oomagatoki Castle to steal their lord’s fundoshi. Don’t let us down. Look beyond that place. Let me help you! Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? Okou Hamana Background Art:

I still don’t get anything. Soubee Amako Character Design: Sorry, we took a rest on the way here.

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And kovie, the water will flow down in 3 directions. Are they ready to attack? Boss, this is a bit different from before. If you don’t want to live anymore, then that’s fine. Yeah, yeah, I’ll keep up the good work. Did you hear me? We’ll go home first. No, he’s possibly right.


You’ll know about the secret in the end. After all, we’re the first years. The enemies are completely cold-blooded. It’s what sensei said.

Fortunately, we made it. I’ll leave this to you then.

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News News chronological archives I’ll change into someone else. You’re teaching us kungfu? Alicization’s second act gets underway ninatma this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace. We’re lacking a beauty. Most of the missions are completed. Why are there so many people? You’re not making sense.

Nintama Rantaro (TV)

Let us arrange their duties for tonight. How can you prove it?

Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter. The hard-working illustrator behind syb adventures of Naruto’s son Boruto answers a few questions about their incredible career. JUMP eps They always get to go for the missions. Don’t pretend to be rich if you aren’t.

My Lord, now is the most suitable time to attack. The defence now is the most slacken. You didn’t read it.


We’re here for a mission. I was really worried.

Ya, and another friend. Neox Kidz Spain Licensed by: Japanese Box Office, March Apr 4,