In PK, patients are expected to have attendants who spend the night in their hospital rooms, and so Im imagining that MJ didnt really expect N to let W go spend the night wit hMJ, so then Q could easily spend time with her there …. I had posted a collage of the various actresses wearing that gown in one of my ZGH reviews … and the jewellery from AA was repeated again in KPKP … kiya kiya jaye in ka. I actually liked that old fashioned way of alluding to physical intimacy … remember those old movies where we were shown silhouettes of two faces coming closer, or two flowers coming together or a bee buzzing over flowers, etc… aah the good old days! No doubt she was better in this episode but loved…. All the characters in the drama have mercurial personality, they cannot be judged so easily. Like all of you , i fail to understand how Qasim was kept a secret for all these years. PG Well N is no heroine for me because this story is about Vani and Mahjabeen is the vani here and secondly N is no actor, she irritates me instead of getting my attention and sympathies, I avoid seeing her as much as I can and I do not know why the FB page of Numm is promoting Neelam so much, I am unable to understand how Mahjabeen had given birth to Kasim and kept him under wraps so long for one he is a male heir, and belonging to this subcontinent this is impossible and secondly I am given to understand the society in which this story is set is fairly close knit for they have abided by the Vani ritual and if not so they could have hidden Mahjabeen the way they have kept her child hidden. And this sets off the entire sequence where fk returns it to her etc.

Mehndi too was really enjoyable.. Whatever anyone may say…. You are commenting using your WordPress. Even if MJ had left the hairclip in the room deliberately she did not commit a crime, and her wanting to be with her son is also okay. I was too engrossed in the narrative this time to notice the minor details like the paintings that you highlighted. Wow she looks hella different in that serial Add dental treatment and some botox and its a totally different person.


Numm Episode 8 By Geo Tv – 12th October 2013

But then again its the same writer. Afterall these feudals do have egos bigger than their jagirs. I do wonder whether Team Numm has listened to our frustrations and gone back to the editing table and maybe just maybe tried to sum it up ocyober fewer episodes? LOL, Salima ki asst tau us bhi do haath aagey hai!!

Numm ~ Episode 12 ~ Review

Sorry I am using this silly play to bring out my feminism and social injustice to women. Was this the farmhouse that Baray Sahab had gifted Neelam? On that note when did Neelam run into the doctor?

MJ is getting upto all kinds of tricks to get away from W and that house and get herself admitted to the hospital so that she could escape and be with her son Q for a few days…. All three are so useless and add no value to the play.

Also, yes, I too was a disappointed that the dir decided to go filmy with this ep. Sorry about the rant but I have just been rewatching Humsafar from the start and its frustrating to compare the editing between the two. I think MJ has approached BS again abt epizode W and N live their lives and letting her be on her own … dekhte hain kiya hota hai.

But the biggest crime is the director is not letting go of the story yet, the narrative should be more open for the viewers to get to know what happened in the past, what is actual relationship MJ and Wali share, etc etc …. It might have been deliberate. Then BS will be as confused as W about the various relationships within his khaandan!

Have you see KPKP? And Wow i never knew MH was in that. Mj told Alamgir ke bhai knows i assume episods abt the pregnancy. Wow now I am not sure if the Stormy Night happened as we all predicted.

Numm Drama Full Episode 8 – 12 October | All Pakistani Dramas, TalkShows & Morning Shows

I always felt we were trusted as the viewer and now we being baby sat. Wanna go back and watch it from episode 1. But this seems a more logical theory Probably I am being wishful here, logic and Numm in one sentence.


You think N will let her have them? Her hair is a hot mess and its always in the way! MJ Person I might have more sympathy with now: Is it too much to ask for a better edited episode next week? Now Mj baji and her harbas.

Neelum the character, not judging the actor on the other hand has not been devious till now. To me abusing and victimizing children into this horrible practice of Wani is a tragedy and a big black mark on all of us who do not speak out about it.

I have not liked W at all for his spineless character and his not standing up against BS and stupid traditions to give MJ her freedom, but he does not deserve what I suspect MJ has in store for him.

And Octobeg smile at Mj. How strange life is had they both grown up together Wali would have been probably allowed to take a back seat in England with Qasim taking the lead.

Actually I am looking forward to it. Personally, I dont see MJ as a villain, and dont see any heroes or heroines. In terms of sound, this was yet another mediocre episode. They did not explicitly say that. Sleeping on his bed and then leaving her hair pin there.

Yes it was predictable i guess but i still liked it. I think a lot of ppl were in love with the idea of this drama and looked past the actual story to create a story in their own head. Mj bhi yahi chahti hai!! Also, is there any current drama any particular that has you hooked and would like to discuss further? Ok so I am going to admit I found this a really weak episode. The Numm team really needs to get there act together….