Do I click yes or no? Two years ago there was no movement on the wait list until the end of summer. Remember this is a guide and that the admission application will have complete and updated requirements for the upcoming school year. My daughter was accepted into 2 conservatories 2 years ago for 9th grade. It is now early February. My daugthere incoming 8th Grade got waitlisted fir the Visual Arts. How important do you think those papers be in so early?

I know when my S attended his carpool Buddy was leaving one conservatory and going for another. My daughter was waitlisted for acting for 3 years and the finally got into IA also after being on the wait list in 9th grade. Also, how big is the chance of me getting in? They would be a fool not to have it and use it. I do not want to hope for somthing that is a long shot. Has anyone gotten an email from the admissions office? I have another question about interviews. What I do know is that last year when my daughter was taken off the wait list that there were also very few other 9th graders who were new and the bulk of the new acting kids were from 7th grade.

Its all kinda confusing. I do not want to hope for somthing that is a long shot.

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My child had spent countless years in training. I was just wondering, does this guarantee that I can do the interview?

In case you wanted to know, she did make it into IA the second year of trying. Applications submitted by the deadline are only guaranteed to be reviewed. Would that song be appropriate for the audition? Like for example is there kids waitlisted for a conservatory that are all different grade levels, or is it done by grade level and conservatory?


Just read this today. I suggest emailing the admissions office and explaining your situation, then a follow up call and talking to someone.

There is a definite order to the waitlist. If she doesnt make it into the Jazz program will she have a chance to make it in some other part of the Arts program and reaudition for Jazz the following year? But it is not just about talent.

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It is very helpful. I recieved an audition for the Visual Arts conservatory. I know that, for example, the office had talked to the creative writing director and was told that there would be no one else getting in at that point, even if someone left and there was a space. Or do they start notifying as space becomes available? What is she doing wrong? Auditlon of luck to you!! She accepted the offer. We were surprised in April for sure. Our child got in.

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We applied in January and her call back is scheduled for March. I am not making excuses for my child.

My daughter 8th grader said she has seen new students arrive as late as semester 2. On the website, it says to wear comfortable clothes and a wallet sized photo. I would hate for them to lose an awesome student, but does it even matter to the school? All conservatory acceptances would be on the same letter as aucition.


The next date to keep your eye on is the due date for students to confirm their conservatory choices. I think you misunderstood what I wrote.

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She has a fantastic ear, but is not such a strong reader…. Hi, my daughter is on the wait list for MT 10th grade, is this a difficult grade to get into, does abd stand a chance? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide, I appreciate it.

With that kind of at best cluelessness and at worst callousness, we have decided if offered a spot, we will decline. First of all I wish your daughter all the luck in the world to get in.

The arts program is clearly a joke. She chose one of them but it was a very tough decision. This makes a traditional waitlist impossible. Perhaps…but we will take our chances elsewhere. Please keep positive, and wish your daughter the best of luck. I think the same, the higher grade the harder to apply since there is so limited spots.

My daughter tried a third time and was told no for acting and ended up getting in another conservatory. Join other followers Sign me up!