Every time a witch is found out When a flute is broken by an honor student with a crush, Onpu takes the blame. Keiichi Sonobe as Cherry Tree ep 8 Doctor ep If the episode doesn’t consist of a magical power-up, or isn’t extremely emotional, you can count on some very awful animation. Most people who would catch a glimpse of their magic typically write it off as a dream, a hallucination, or some other trick. Doremi’s never getting to eat steak, Seki-san throwing her chalk, Doremi’s parents always fighting he’s a Bumbling Dad , she’s a Tsundere , Hazuki’s “Majo Rika Majo Rika” -ing when she’s scared

Doremi meets a girl named Nozomi in the hospital, who is also a fan of witches and believes in magic. Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray. It’s not explicitly mentioned, but when you read the context of how it’s implied, you can reasonably guess that they drifted apart in pursuit of their dreams, which matter more to them than their relationship. In the first series, a Kaiju fanboy has a lot of “Gazamadon” merchandise and even a few original pieces, including a bank that releases coins by pooping it out. Eventually, she learns enough that she doesn’t need it any more. This happens to Doremi a lot in the first season.

This Week in Games – Reanimated Feb 21, It appears she zigzags between Gadgeteer Genius and Bungling Inventor I really don’t like people like Tamaki-san, but you see her sb no matter which country’s school you are in.

Dokkaan 40 and Naisho 4 are perhaps the most glaring departures from the show’s comedic slice-of-life formula in terms of style, as both are very insular, character-based episodes that one would usually expect from adult psychological anime.

Elisabetta Spinelli as Lala. Shinzo Yuki Yuki Yukie. All three have a chant that they use engish ward off the fear.


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The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Kazuhiro Yamaga as Tsuyoshi Segawa Onpu’s father. You need to login to do this.

This article does not cite any sources. She also gives an excellent lampshading Kouki Miyata as Kazuya Yoshida.

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Female example in Hazuki, who is easily the smartest girl in the group and has solved a lot of intellectual puzzles throughout the series where Doremi and Aiko could not.

Kjamajo Maho Dou, who sing the opening theme songs. He tries again the next episode, but by then The High Queen has granted the girls the Royal Patraineallowing them to No-Sell his magic while curbstomping him. Cristina Whites Ignazio Giardina. Aren’t those girls flying around on broomsticks? However, Pop secretly oojamajo Doremi and ennglish watch out for her when things get tough. Keiichi Oku Original creator: Takayo Yumi as Shiori Nakayama. This is taken apart in episode 50 of Series 1 when everyone notices and follows them to the Mahou-Dou and nearly turns them into Witch Frogs.

Fumiko Miyashita as Sachiko.

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Theron Martin has the details. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Plenty sug the girls, but of note is all their relationships to Doremi, especially near the end of Dokkanwhere they have to separate and go their own ways.

Magic can do almost anything without consequence as long as you’re powerful enough, except for a small number of forbidden acts which are defined very early on: In the second episode, Doremi uses magic to swap bodies with Hazuki. However, Aiko mentions in Ojamajo Doremi 16 that they’ve broken up. Loredana Nicosia Marcello Cortese Dialogues: The franchise was a massively popular series in Japan; notably, it’s the third longest Magical Girl series to date behind Pretty Cure and Sailor Moonbut unlike the two other touchstone series, the show takes place in a single continuity.


While the first twenty-six episodes were aired on television, the last twenty-five were only available online.

Chiemi Chiba as Doremi Harukaze. The girls lose their powers which they had worked so hard to fully attain Visit by Divorced Dad: Logistics Toei Animation Philippines.

Where the Hell Is Springfield? When Baaya was younger, she fell in love at first sight with two things. And in Dokkanthe girls are faced with a dilemma: Yuka Shino as Haruka Harukaze Doremi’s mother. Aiko was under the impression that her mother had remarried after seeing her with a baby. Several of those characters even get it multiple times!

Varied wildly from season to season and even had separate parts to them. The only characters who have shown any actual malice were either mentioned solely in a flashback or have grown out of their Jerk Ass tendencies. Completely doreemi in the Sharp movie which takes place right before episode 40but the Motto movie is very vague though it ties in with the series during Dokkan.