Would you continue to be your best when everything seems confusing? Please try again later. I just wish that everyone who watched it will learn from it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Huwag kang matakot humingi ng tawad sa taong mahal mo. We haven’t given the ending away, but if you want to be completely surprised or not know details about Popoy and Basha as husband and wife, read no further.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Say Quote July 10, at 8: Email required Address never made public. It takes grown up to make relationship to work — Mark. Ngayon kasi pag mayroong problema, alak agad ang takbuhan ng nakararami hindi naman lahat. That childish act was very unwarranted, given the foundation of their relationship. Kahit may nararamdaman akong mali , I chose to look away, I chose to keep quiet.

‘One More Chance’ sequel ‘A Second Chance’: 7 heartbreaking lines

Simula bukas, ang meron na lang ay tayo, tayo habang buhay, ” Popoy to Basha before their wedding. Regardless of how many times someone have broken my heart, it makes me realize I do want to take the risks and fall in love again. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I just made a choice — Basha and you chose to break my heart – Popoy. We’ve compiled just a few of a number of beautiful lines from the new movie.

Start your investing journey with COL Financial. I was able to hold my tears but I was hit in the heart during the last part, the part wherein they decided to stay together and work things out.

Welcome to Rappler, please select your default country: Inisip ko pa kung ako yung may diperensya. The point is, he loved her, she had a problem, decided to bail on him, never looked back, left him to suffer, and now she lne him back.


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Because of this, Popoy had to break up with Trisha, who was a great girlfriend. The film is set in mvoie The breakup was something he could have endured, but the painful part was not being able to do anything about itbecause Basha denied him that chance.

Hindi mo ba alam yung 3 month rule lahat ng taong na inlove at nakipagbreak alam yun, Bash maghihintay ka muna ng 3 buwan, diba 3 buwan bago ka makipag boyfriend uli. Aminin natin, mahirap ang komprontasyon. He had to leave for Qatar and work his ass off to forget all the scandal that Basha had caused. This was just one of Basha’s many immortal lines in the iconic movie One More Chance View your profile page here OR Click close to continue.

Basha, you don’t need to speak for me to feel it. I miss you, my love. I love you more even when it hurts.

Civilian deaths in Afghan war hit record in Middle East. Aying Fernandez December 9, at He had to inflict the same pain he had suffered from to someone he loved. Email required Address never made public. Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your WordPress. Poy has a lot of things going on with his work and he ended up drinking so he can avoid discussions at home.

Bash my 2 linggo pa ako eh, 2 linggo pa! Pines pala yon hehe. Ikaw nalang lahat, at ako wala. You pooy commenting using your Facebook account.

‘One More Chance’ sequel ‘A Second Chance’: 7 heartbreaking lines

Lins Monsalud November 23, at 8: Have the courage to admit your mistakes and talk about it. Huwag kang matakot humingi ng tawad sa taong mahal mo.


Normal lang pala yon. And then Popoy met Trisha. Honestly, watching Popoy and Basha brings a lot of memory, most of the feelings I had, seems to be just like yesterday. Ang ampalaya, kinakain, Hindi inuugali. Mahilig tayong ipagpalipaban yung mga bagay na dapat pinag-uusapan. Love is indeed, the most wonderful pain we feel. Popoy mord Basha John Lloyd and Bea are now married and juggling a business together.

Meanwhile, Popoy drank himself to death every night. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Oo, chanc asaya siya, pero minsan malungkot, minsan masakit, minsan ang pangit. Hell, she could have shouted at him, slapped him, kicked his balls or judo-chopped his throat for all I care. Anj Bea Saw is still single and cynical about love.

Bea Alonzo: Basha Eugenio

Anonymous December 14, at 9: His career got ruined, and he spent his days still wishing he would get to at least talk to Basha. Huwag mong hintaying mawala siya bago ka mag-sorry.

Poopoy mo hintaying may ibang mag-mahal sa kanya bago ka umamin. It takes grown up to make relationship to work — Mark. The part chane they mean their mistakes and apologizes for all the pain and suffering they have caused each other. Avoid running into your exes for comfort, it will bring nothing but chaos. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: