And, it isn’t as though she’d be the first character to have an unrequited crush in this series. I was a little disappointed that Sanji’s nosebleed kind of stole Luffys thunder of arriving back to meet everyone but it was still funny! THIS is what the show is about: Time to start their new adventure. One Piece is getting better, and better and better and better! I mean its already epic so how far is it intending to go!? D specially sanji’s reactions towards real women:

Things I loved about this episode: BBCode Randomly looking for high compatibility with other people. Why isn’t there an option 6 for me to choose? Nice to finally see the entire crew reunited. I will hold a tournament when there is many people playing. I asked Jesus, “How much do you love me? And, Sanji reminds me of why I love him. Have fun and please favorite and thumbs up if you have fun or if you like it.

Brook asking to see Namis panties After the timeskip, One Piece has become even greater! I was certainly surprised that she developed that nicely in 2 years though. Please enable Javascript to use all the features on this site. Gotta see the old eps one day.

Rayleigh once again proves that Chuck Norris has nothing on the Dark King. It’s so good to see them all back together at last!


Funny but rather creepy. Awesome episode, glad to see the crew back together again. Things I loved about this episode: This game is still in beta and will be done soon Tell me if you would like to be wanted and would want to have a wanted poster in the game.

One Piece Episode Discussi He just can’t win. Wasn’t expecting their znimewaffles year friends coming to help. Perona was shown in the episodes with Zoro and Hawkeye.

His jokes just keep getting worse and worse. You’re not, Sanji is the most annoying character in this series.

Yes, they are headed to Fish-man Island Why would they get scary when they saw her, Aimewaffles sure not too many people were surprised to see her. Is it just me, or anyone else thought that Perona feels extremely lonely and sad after Zoro left her?

BBCode “Yes, I have been deprived of emotion. Skypea is also added, treasures!

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Loved all of Sanji’s priceless reactions like usual when it come to females. And until that day Amazing as always, it was nice to see animewaff,es protecting them.

By the way its more fun playing it with more people so try inviting friends to play with you. Randomly looking for high compatibility with other people. I hope they make a habit of this. You are able to use gears that enhances your speed or other stuff so you don’t get bored walking.


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Whoever did it, botched the job. Dear Math, I’m not a therapist. There might be some issues, I will try to fix it if i can. That way the episode would be greater and they would reach Fishman Island quicker. I asked Jesus, “How anomewaffles do you love me?

Its a good thing it doesn’t last that long. This episode was awesome. Also loved the crew’s reaction on the boat when they first saw Onr fly in. A very touching episode. This show is so pro.

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Nothing else for me to say. And finally the crew is back together. D new world WE GO. I will host tournaments for Devil’s fruit or Legendary Weapon if there’s many people playing.