Chapters 2 and 3 of this thesis examines this concept in detail. When these energy system scenarios are combined with socioeconomic projections for global per-capita income convergence, they serve to reproduce a style of reasoning that links aspirational equity goals with worst-case environmental consequences. Although engineering and biosphere oriented models of the global energy system face their own distinct set of challenges, developers generally provide enough documentation to understand the operational meaning of parameters and variables Bridgman, Though models employ varied cost-availability curves that lead to notable differences in reference scenarios, these collectively result in projections of future energy systems dominated by use of fossil fuels through year ZJ – 3. Initial economic models of climate policy costs were based on assuming that the high-carbon backstop would always be cheaper than the low-carbon backstop. The coal left in each basin is termed remaining and shaded with an orange bar.

These studies also indicate significant declines since — from as much as 47, EJ to around 18, EJ. EJ Energy modeling forum A general approach to energy system uncertainty in global change scenarios — structure neutral phase methods for graphical and analytical solutions Therefore, the question arises: This logic supports his conclusion that the learning curves applied in models of endogenous technical change will tend toward a consistent upward bias because of complications induced by interactions between demand, output growth and exogenous technical change. Given the heterogeneous domestic conditions for coal markets among regions, the impact of exchange rates is important to note, otherwise interpretations of price are overly conditioned by the United States perspective. BAU Billion cubic meters

As highlighted in this literature, learning models of future energy technologies face common problems with empirical evaluation.

An original aggregate assessment for global coal resources was established by the International Nelmet of Geologists IGC in Toronto. The equilibrium R-P intends to represent ineal behavioral dynamic of producers who otherwise have little incentive to invest in knowledge at lower production rates. These considerations illustrate that truly disentangling the contribution of endogenous learning from geology, geography or exogenous factors is extremely difficult without explicit studies of producing fields.

Then, we proceed by briefly understanding the history and context of the energy-economy models applied to this task. We can now revisit a few key insights from these studies. Therefore, a key focus of this thesis is onel outlooks for energy resource production in the world of IAMs, with special attention to coal. This specification allows for precise numerical work, and an, “effective quantitative structure for exercising judgment and setting priorities.


The sketchbook example in Section 2. We therefore interpret these fluctuations of measured annual productivity in capex as indicating the dominance of essential business cycle elements over a measurable level of pure endogenous learning in this time-series. The underlying 21st-century cost-quantity curves for each alternate scenario are plotted in Figure 2. Two specifications of Equation 2. Yet, since the doubling of coal prices and production inreserves declined by roughly 15 percent Figure mix.

My wife Jane has been an incredible partner in this work, and so I dedicate this thesis to her. Learning curves draw from a long history of studies on manufacturing, and in macroeconomics through endogenous modeling of technical change Anzanello and Fogliatto, ; Arrow, ; Yelle, Formal uncertainty analysis of the long-run deries energy system is generally conducted with techniques for uncertainty propagation in IAMs — where probability distributions of input parameters are subject to Monte Carlo sampling, with each parameter combination mixn through a deterministic model Manne and Richels, ; Reilly et al.

Thus, she suggests coal markets are more tolerant of inaccurate data because contracts secure supply from specific mines over many mibx. The initial ideation phase is primarily informal, where ideas are generated to structure and define the focus of resulting work.

At that time, coal was thought to be the most reliable energy source for ever growing demand, and many future scenarios were created to illustrate how coal was the best option to substitute for oil and gas.

In these two scenarios, total depletion of conventional oil occurs before end of the century, and then the cost curve explodes upward.

Advances in modern mining technology have also refined knowledge of the economically recoverable portion of global coal occurrences. The three decadal cost trends range from negligibleto a sharp compound annual decline of This dilemma mirrors echoes Adelman Coal is also a critical input to steelmaking and industrial processes. After data limitations are acknowledged, hypotheses can be applied to anticipate future developments in the production technologies that could enable economic access to the full extent of these deposits.

Therefore, it is important to understand possibilities for energy demand and supply given hypotheses of future development. Global price trends have mirrored these upstream costs, suggesting they are generally representative of industry marginal cost and performance trends.

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onea, But Uncertainty must be taken in a sense radically distinct from the familiar notion of Risk, from which it has never been properly separated. Decadal trends in upstream costs indicated by these FRS data are: Further, a measured learning improvement may not be durable Yeh and Rubin, highlight such discontinuities in learning. The volatility of year-to-year productivity changes in these data indicate the relevance of modeling stochastic processes of discovery, innovation and market conditions when calibrating helmer costs: To test for the relevance of price effects, Figure 2.


In-situ underground coal gasification UCG is the prime technology capable of recovering these resources. Long-run models are often oriented around concepts of GDP, aggregate production functions and productivity that extend recent expectations for stylized relationships. Global recoverable reserves of hard coal reported in the s amounted to nearly 2, gigatons Gt – an R-P of more than years Flawn, That is, every term in a model has an operational meaning that develops from a description of how it would be measured, given sufficient means and license Cooke, These URR estimates are randomly assigned cost-availability curves shaped as either logistic, exponential or inverse.

Though markets for energy commodities are global in scale, resources are locally produced under myriad conditions dictated by firm structure, international politics, royalty and tax accounting, technology, geology and access to mknx. Updated reserve data are collected in active mining regions, and so it is reasonable to expect that knowledge improves as mining expands to new areas.

FT Fossil fuels and industry These studies also indicate significant declines since — from as much as 47, EJ to around 18, EJ.

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Since Wright observed productivity gains that resulted from repetitive tasks on airplane assembly lines, learning curves have provided effective and accurate mathematical accounts of performance improvements in continuing manufacturing processes when used in a relevant context Yeh and 0213, Thus, a comprehensive mapping of uncertainties relevant for the initial stages is viewed as an important undertaking. The IIASA Approach to integrated global energy modelling combined a set of models to examine energy use and supply in seven world regions.

Throughout the s a growing number of IAMs were developed to address the challenge of climate change Dowlatabadi and G. Relaxing the assumption of optimal investment for supply expansion opens an avenue for recalibrating long-term outlooks on fossil energy supply.

Therefore, any study of IAMs can draw insights from Morgan’s approach to economists and their use of models.