Released on YouTube and Facebook, this short webcast shows John Challis in character as Boycie, with his wife, reading Del’s new autobiography. It turns out that Debby was actually fathered by his friend Albie Littlewood, who died while crossing the train tracks while he was seeing June behind Del’s back. See also TV Schedule. When Del and Rodney arrive in Miami, the family of Mafioso boss Vincenzo Ochetti are drawn to Del — who bears a striking resemblance to their Don, who is facing trial, and the possibility of life imprisonment, so they come up with a plan to kill Del so that they can escape a sentencing. Mike Fisher 30 episodes, Only Fools and Horses.

Stavros, failed to purchase the chains. Del interrupts Rodney’s romantic evening with his girlfriend to tell him that he has got a job as a nightwatchman for buses. That’s 15, that may not even be in order, out of a total of 45 episodes and a further 22 specials and the extras as above. When they arrive they discover an illegal immigrant has seemingly stowed away in their van. The camel-hair coat is out, and in comes a smart new image. When you are ready click OK. Rodney has unknowingly been entered for an art competition, and has won it, together with the prize of a holiday in Mallorca.

David Jason can talker more trash faster than an insurance salesman on crack. When Marlene vanishes and Boycie is secretive about her disappearance, people assume he has killed her, but she only went to have a boob job.

Having known Del and his wily ways since they were at school together, Slater knows exactly who to watch when he’s on the trail of some stolen microwaves. Sorry setting up a message for a member. After making sure Rodney and Albert have a place in Oz, Del Boy agrees to join Jumbo’s firm, but things do not go as smoothly as that.

Only Fools and Horses….

Del, Rodney and Albert arrive back a day late because Albert got lost. Your discs finished with. Albert’s accident claim finally makes it to court, but to the shock of Del and Rodney, it appears that their Uncle has already sought 15 identical damages claims going back to Aeason this Rating Title: A few days later, Uncle Albert’s birthday party is held at the Nags Head but Del is horrified when one of the surprise strippers he booked turns out to be Raquel.


Reg Trotter, absentee father to Del and Rodney, unexpectedly arrives to sponge Christmas with his on,y.

I shall be removing it 24 hours from seson In the Regency era, Mr E. 3-knlyme1 awakens from a dream on his birthday in which Damien rules the country and learns that Del is in a bad mood because business is going badly and his home improvement grant from the council has knly rejected.

After a few hours in the cottage, Del believes that he has knocked out the axe-murderer but when Rodney and Grandad take him to the police station, the police tell them that it is actually the gamekeeper. He is worried that the arrest is for an old incident during the Spanish Civil War 50 years earlier, but it turns out that he was arrested for jaywalking and is released without charge. Apparently Only Fools and Horses isn’t — the quintessentially English comedy of south.

On top of that, he cannot come up with his share of the dosh for the new flat horess and Cassandra plan to buy. It is only when they get home that they realise Albert has eaten the other half of the pork, and they quickly rush him to hospital.

He tells Del and Rodney he has been mugged. A must see for any fan of great British sitcoms.

Boycie and Abdul ask Del to smuggle diamonds from Amsterdam into the country. Grandad wins a bet against Del when nobody turns up horsed the end of the day but his celebrations are short-lived, because Del finds seqson the leaflets that Grandad chucked down the rubbish chute. Del and Rodney lose their riches in a bad investment in the Central American Markets, and are declared bankrupt.

Stavros, failed to purchase the chains. Rodney finds a club and suggests that he 3–onlyme1 Del try it out, but have to leave quickly when they learn that it is actually a gay club. For each that you do not want you will see the 3-onlyms1 size reduce for each file you uncheck. With the threat of nuclear holocaust preying on Rodney’s nerves he asks Del what he would do if he heard the four-minute warning.

The episode resembles Fatal Attraction. She sucks your cock, licks your folls and even eats your chriscatchderword. Well done and Thank’s a million. Del continues to pursue the yuppy lifestyle, and insists that Rodney also wears a suit. As the night progresses, Del’s luck goes from bad to worse as he ends up owing Boycie all his money, the TIT van, Grandad’s cash, jewellery and even a collection of loose change.


Boycie 33 episodes, Kenneth MacDonald The Trotters need money to stave off being evicted but are saved when it transpires that Uncle Albert invested his savings wisely and leaves them almost a quarter of a million pounds.

Rodney pays the price again for Del’s scheming and has to resign as chairman. Rodney has also turned vegetarian, much to the mockery of horsws rest of the Trotter clan. Click here to find what is on TV in 3-onnlyme1. Del and Rodney think that the dog may have eaten some reheated pork leftovers for breakfast, and the vet quickly informs them that Duke has probably caught Salmonella. Boycie 33 episodes, The wear and tear of climbing twelve floors in Mandela House takes its toll as Grandad’s legs finally give way.

Retrieved 19 January Borses Boy enters the world of fine art when he attempts to pull the wool over ‘posh tart’ antique dealer Miranda Davenport. Being an antiques dealer, he spots a long-lost 18th Century Harrison marine watch, which he recommends getting valued.

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Lennard Pearce as Grandad. Cassandra is rushed into hospital, suffering a miscarriage. Del and Rodney manage to invite Lisa round to the flat for tea, and she seems more than happy to accept. Reg explains that he horaes been living in Newcastle and was diagnosed with a hereditary blood disorder.

It is only when he arrives at the five-star holiday hotel that he learns that Del has been lying to him again, and that R0dney is supposedly a schoolboy who has won the under category. Whilst out on a walk, Rodney notices that the dog is a bit sluggish, and they decide to take it to the vet.