I don’t think it’s necessarily that those people aren’t coming to this site. LoganM its combination of social pressures and time. Here’s a screenshot of what she wrote: Looks great, I’ll wait for the last episode to air prior to watching: Krazer newest chapter on MS. LoganM you mean there’s a whole tenth of traffic that comes from somewhere other than google? I’m redirected here by this meta question http:

Though the manga version is better than the anime version, but it is a good anime. I think we have to wait for the released ;. I can’t say for sure that this change is responsible, but the traffic graph from Skeptics looks rather convincing: Then why they didn’t fuse Still something we should work on, but at least it’s not indicating we made a huge mistake somewhere. File disediain dari hosting sites. For example, for shopping.

Why do the sun and the moon look evil though? Kalo animenya udah agak lama, beberapa anime ada yang udah dihapus. That specific message though… not so much.

LoganM yea, most of it is trash or a rehash. Here is the traffic data in a Google Doc: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. To be honest, different to the anime version, the manga version is more exciting.


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Krazer I got something for you. I have watched it, and yeah.

BTW you could probably provide a lot of useful data for that question if you’ve been taking data regularly for all sites. SO has no shoujo, and gaming definitely has no shoujo. So it’s okay, OK, thank you very much.

Add to My List. Harus diperhatikan, karena biasanya ketika kita ngetik judul animenya, bisa jadi muncul yang subs inggris dan dubbed inggris.

Sit wherever you’d l You have to be either CEO or majority shareholder to overturn a decision. Eric We aren’t alone in traffic dropping:.

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Yeah they do, although we don’t see a lot of Soul Eater world for normal people. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? There are episod good anime like Black Butler and D.

NYC and LA are our us cities in terms of origin traffic. It gives off the impression of an old man speaking in kansai-ben, but I’m not sure how accurate that is in reality. LoganM lol, flcl reminds me of what i saw from arakawa.


The pillows are p good. Nishouji, Yoshito Episode Director, Storyboard.

Krazer I liked that book. I thought Gainax in general likes to include the theme of insecurity for young characters.

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Yeah it was a question here. LoganM look at the quantcast demographic summary. Krazer hey man, i think its pretty good considering i didn’t need to use google tranlsate. All of the mystery especially about Naru be revealed in the manga.

Ookami kakushi Episode 1 English Sub part 1/2

I for one welcome our new hispanic overlords. I removed my downvote and it’s back to More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Hehehe ;D -Skip Beat shoujo, comedy -D. Statistics of small numbers at work there.