Evidently, the TH30 is a much less radical proposition, but for all the revolutionary force attributed to the electric guitar when it’s played in anger, we guitarists are a seriously conservative bunch. If you make a lot of soloing mistakes, get a Big Muff. All-valve, two-channel Class A combo with switchable output power. If you like simplicity and getting a wide array of dirty tones with sparkling cleans then get this amp. It also has a simply amazing non-master volume vintage dirt tone when you dime the volume. It won’t hide your fingering errors. Dirty channel – volume, shape, gain.

Clean channel is great nice,full body sound can get chimey if you want. In my opinion, this is one of the most sensible amps on the market right now. Solid, reliable, “fire it up and forget about it” type of amp. We’ve said it before, but a watt, 1 x 12 valve combo is in many ways the perfect gigging amp. It has the most gain out of any of the other orange amps, so you can really dial in without relying on distortion pedals. The shape control is an EQ control facilitating a variety of tones from classic rock through to scooped metal with all variations in between. There’s nothing to dislike about this amp. Its is beautiful warm, lots of variability even though theres only a bass and treble knobs available.

Clean channel is nice and chimey with a little distortion at full volume but a full tone. Our amplfiiers team of experts offers the highest level of before- and after-sale service.

Orange TH30 1×12 combo review

There is also no environmental applications that this amp won’t perform amazingly under as well. Despite the stage-filling projection of its ported cabinet, the TH30 combo is compact, cute and easily portable. The clean channel sounds beautiful.


Posted by Kieran on Sep 29, TH30 thunder 30 watt head 0 of 0 customers found this review helpful. Orange would like to make it so.

Orange TH30 1×12 combo review | MusicRadar

Did I mention, the clean channel of this amp is particularly impressive for seasoned guitar players. The TH30 is more than an amplifier it is the sound in your head. Just purchased june 1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Its is beautiful warm, lots of variability even though theres only a bass and treble knobs available. Takes pedals like nobody’s business and has headroom for days. I owned a TH30C for about 18 months.

I amplifisrs a bit skeptical about it at first but I’m over that now. Posted by Tim on Dec 12, Avoid the TH30, there are much better Orange amps out there. There ampllfiers not much on the amp but less is more in this case- highly recommended. Spent over an hour in the test room with an employee that really listened to what i was after and delivered with the heads i tested.

This is very much a no frills amp for those who like simplicity. Thunder by name, thunder by nature. Image 1 of 4 Thunder by name, Thunder by nature. Store service was spot on for my experiance. Posted by anonymous on Nov 29, The clean channel is absolutely fantastic The amp th03h very unforgiving in terms of your playing technique. Dirty channel – volume, shape, gain. Although there are few cooler onstage sights than an Orange head sat on top of a couple of the company’s fantastically overbuilt 4 x 12 cabinets, years of hauling heavy amps up narrow pub staircases is enough to steer even the most nihilistic rock ‘n’ roller towards pragmatism.


I tried everything to get a good tone out of the dirty channel – lots of different aftermarket pickups in my several different high-end Gibsons, changing pickup heights, rolled lots of different preamp and power tubes, even replaced the harsh, trebly Voice of The World 12″ speaker with a Vintage I used my Bogner Blue through the clean channel for dirt tones, wayyyyy better than the useless dirty channel.

Posted by Scott on Jun 6, You can do the quiet bedroom recording thing, or the loud crazy club rock stuff with this.

Toggle switches for full or half thunfer and two or four output valves. Amazing clean channel, terrible dirty channel 1 of 2 customers found this review helpful. There’s nothing to dislike about this amp.

The dirty channel is just terrible though Posted amplitiers Pat McIntyre on Sep 9, Was this review helpful? As far as metal, hard rock and blues tones, this amp is amazing. There is also the addition of a valve driven effects loop. Amazing 30 watt head. Don’t be fooled by the spartan appearance of the control panel: