A fogged image is gray with poor contrast. Another object of this invention is to provide a pair of liquid containers, means for lifting a film from one container advancing it and lowering it into the other container with means decelerating the movement of said means as the film is lifted and accelerating said movement as said film is lowered. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Automatic film developing, fixing, and drying machine. The processor automatically unloads the film from the cassette and feeds it into the processor. It is a further object of this invention to provide a machine for treating films having a series of aligned containers for film-treating solutions, members at the sides of said containers having a plurality of transversely aligned film receiving means into which a film holder is intermittently and successively advanced and means for lifting and advancing said holder and film from one container to another so constructed and arranged that a holder positioned in non-aligned means will not be lifted and advanced. Each of these two signals consists of a 20 millisecond pulse every 30 seconds, said signals being so timed that the phase two pulse occurs immediately after the phase one pulse occurs. Cam shaft 71 is provided with a sprocket

This is the position designated HI in Fig. This means that all of these operations can be positively and definitely synchronized. Today processors are available with processing times from 45 seconds to 2. The process by which the latent image in an exposed photographic emulsion is converted into a visible image is called developing. Automatic film developing, fixing, and drying machine. Plates also have the teeth a at their upper ends similar to the teeth a. The device of this invention is equally applicable to the maintenance of accuracy under either circumstance. A tensile coiled spring is secured to the lower side of one arm and is secured at its other end to a stud secured in one arm some distance below the arm

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Motor 87 is adjustably secured to the rear plate 34 by suitable means not shown. When professor arms and rail move forwardly and descend in the other side of their path, said holder will be deposited on the top inclined surfaces pqko.

The sprockets and are driven through shafts and respectively by the chain 78 which runs ove: A film treating machine automaticc in combination, a magazine from which film holders are fed to a processing machine comprising means for supporting film holders and having a plurality of spaced positions in which film holders are disposed side by side, a loading device adapted to carry a holder movable from one end of said means over said positions to discharge a holder into any one of said positions, said loading device having a discharge mechanism operated by movement of said device for discharging a holder into one of said positions and contact means on said device for operating said discharge mechanism.


Since the lifting and transferring means moves through several cycles to one cycle of flm progressing means two or more holders will not be advanced to the last position in any container. Oako means that all of these operations can be positively and definitely synchronized.

The control circuit of claim 6 wherein said control relay is further operative, upon elapse of said predetermined time interval, to close a further circuit operative to energize a solenoid valve for initiating said flow of replenishment chemical. US USA en Sleeves a and b surround bolt at each side of lever Levers 50 are fulcrumed intermediate their ends on the pivot members 51 carried in small brackets 52 secured to the forwardly and rearwardly extending portions 34a.

They can be parts of a dryer to which the films are delivered or parts of a storage device or a conveying mechanism.

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The shields are provided so that any liquid dripping from the films will be guided into the tanks and the holders and films properly guided as they descend. When the outer plates are moved upwardly the ends of the holder will be engaged by the inclined surface of the teeth a and the holder will be lifted from the recess between the teeth rilm. This movement is provided to prevent any binding in the movement of the rail automaic Referring to the drawings, a machine for treating photographic films is disclosed.

Said second phase signal is also connected to the input of a counting circuit 30, known in the electronic art as a “divide by automaitc counter. Fixer overflow is captured as hazardous waste. The shaft extends to the end of the-machine and has secured thereto a crank handle having projecting inwardly therefrom a pin which can be disposed in any one of three holes, -and.

Links 61G and 62 are ad, justable longitudinally and for this purpose have portions threaded into the upper end portions 6l’a and 62a. A film treating machine having in combination, a plurality of containers disposed end r to end, members extending along the sides of said containers having transversely aligned means for supporting ends of holders carrying films disposed in said containers, means including a rotating shaft for relatively moving said members to advance said holders step by step through said containers, means for lifting said holders from the end of one container, moving them and lowering them into the adjacent end of the adjoining container operated from said shaft, a magazine at one end of said containers having spaced pairs of members adapted to receive and support the ends of said holders carrying films and means operated from said shaft for relatively moving said last mentioned members to.

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The water in the wash tank is used to stabilize the developer temperature. Discharging and quenching mechanism for furnaces.


Brackets are secured in any suitable manner as by rivets Auromatic flip flop circuits 29a and 29b are comprised of NAND-type devices, and connected as shown. Download ppt “Processing the latent Imaging.

If the loading device is to be used processpr operator now takes hold of the plate and swings the auyomatic device toward the machine. The control circuit of claim 4 wherein said integrator means includes an integrating capacitor, said control means comprising a first level detector having its input connected to the input of said integrator means, a second level detector having its input connected to the output of said integrator means, an OR circuit having inputs connected to the outputs of said first and second level detectors, and a relay connected to the output of said OR aufomatic, said relay including a pair of autmoatic connected across said integrating capacitor for selectively shorting autmoatic capacitor to render said integrator means inoperative.

A hardener is used to speed this process causing the emulsion to become rigid. The said machine is supported upon suitable members such as the longitudinally extending channels 30 shown in Figs. Because the time required to transport the relatively short-length film depicted by curve 29 through the photoelectric sensor is less than the time interval T extablished by timer 22, the sensing signal current shown by curve 29 falls to zero before time T, has elapsed and, due to the differential integration action, the value of voltage E0 commences to decrease linearly throughout time-period T reaching zero when time period T, determined by the constant discharge current flowing through resistor 27 and the magnitude of voltage E0 at the instant when switch 28 was closed, elapses.

It will be likewise seen that if shaft is oscillated to the right as seen in Fig. Conveyer for cylindrical objects.

Chapter 14 Processing the Latent Image

These and other objects and advantages of the invention will be fully set forth in the following description made in connection with the accompanying drawings in which like reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views and in which: Number of films of mixed sizes processorr of being processed pzko 1 hr. From the above description it will be seen that we have provided a machine for processing films particularly X-ray films, which operates entirely automatically after the films and holders areplaced therein.

For this purpose a rail 90 is provided and while this might take various forms, in the embodiment of the invention illustrated it is shown as formed of a piece of sheet metal bent into channel form and having another piece of sheet metal 90a secured to its front portion.