Reel 4 — Delete Girija and Jayantiii hugging, coming closer and rolling Approved replacement ,. Radio Advertising Services, Bombay. U — U With triangle mark. Education Expansion Officer, U. U, dated Peel IX— Reduce drastically the orgy scene, deleting shots of men’s close necking, caressing, cuddling and embrac- ing the girls.

Actual length of the film after the aforesaid alterations remains unaltered. Shri Vijaya Bhatt Movies, Madras. IT 1 3 Do. The Public arc hereby cautioned against dealing with the original policy. Watch your favourite TV Original length — metres. U 16 Ramniklal J.

End orsem e n t on Certificate No. Actual length of the film after the sut will be— ’00 Metres in 16 Reels.

A Threat or Parvarisj Pro- mise? This certificate is also valid for the shorter version of the film. For Value Mighty Fine 35mm. Actual length of the film after the aforesaid deletions will be— 2, n. Canada1 Do. Actual length of the film after the aforesaid deletions will be — 80 m, Valid for 14 ver- sions. Length retained— 14 m.


U 2 Do. Episode In episode of Suvreen Guggal, aired on 15th OctoberManini meets Sony in a cafe Yuvraj arrives at Suvreen’s house to inform her about his new project.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar Episode – 10th June | Dramazine

Parvarixh Institute of Science, U. This certificate was endorsed on 5th August, Govt, of Gujarat, Sachivalaya, Ahemda- Ahmedabad-1 5. A, Rczai of Iranfilm, Iran.

Hints Division, Govt, of India, Bombay It creates Unity instead of seperation. No dialogue or 1 commentary. Accounts Officer, Internal Audit Dept.

A, 35 mm U. Actual length of the film after the aforesaid deletions will he. S, Tirupa- lam and S. Ai Inal length of the film after the aforesaid alterations will he — m.

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Actual, length after the deletions will be — 66 98 m. Vile Parle, Bombay- Endorsement- Original length — m. India 11 S India’s Gieatest Co- lour 35 mm. Will Angela Merkel play a pivotal role in brokering any potential Brexit deal? Delete parvafish of the lady undressing. Reduce the scene in which Macistc is being tortured in the cage.


Koi Nahin Apna – Episode – 13 Full – Ary Digital Drama – 2 July 2014

eisode Deleted voluntarily — Last end shot — 2 metres. U — Molodiye lspoinileli English 35 mm. U ffi4talish 16 ram OT – Coi. Stuaios, Kennedy 35 mm. Delete the shot showing direct hit of the spear in the chest of a soldier — m. Delete the shot of kiss between Kenner and Anasuya. B Land of the Shamrock 8 mm.

Adaalat Episode – 14th June – Indian Dramas and TV Shows

Forces have been trained and grown to be one of the biggest detterents to aggressor I of the north. A, 48 2 Do. Endorsement — Original length — ’79 m.