He shares with the doctor that this is the best phase of his life after 20 years. Archana says you was with Arjun. She looks around for Soham and then says, must have gone for delivery, but why am I thinking about him? You just come back fast. Purvi says nothing is fine and tells her everything. We will have to find Soham dada.

She hides her conversation with Arjun. She says, now Soham will stay with me in my house. He sees Purvi bringing juice for him, but it turns out be his imagination. Share your comments for Pavitra Rishta serial below. Gauri asks if anything happened with Onir. We have to find out about her and Pia. Purvi says, I want to talk about Soham dada. I mean when did you come?

Purvi tells her, once I find a job, I will leave from here. He says I am not mad but the others are mad who loves the things and not their love. Welcome, Login to your account. I just cannot believe this is same Onir whom I met to in Kolkata. He says he is desjtvbox the doctors from abroad for the operation. You just come back fast.

Rishta daron mein mohabbat Healthcare. Teju says, no and now his phone is not working either. Arjun says he is ready for it. Gauri turns her face.


Varsha says, I know something happened. Purvi comes to the shop. Varsha leaves in anger. Naren says he does this as he loves her. You aughst be in your meeting.

Arjun asks her to come back urgently and says you are the one who can stop her for coming in my life.

I scolded him a little and he left this house. They are dancing and Arjun realizes it is his imagination again. Sulo tells Manav, Soham is young. Chanchan 13th June Written Episode Update.

Gauri tells them about the fight between Soham and Manav and Soham leaving the house. We have to find out about her and Pia. Pavitra Rishta Written Episode Documents. Arjun tells her to come back to India. Was he just acting till now?

Jodha Akbar 2nd October 2013 Written Update Desitvbox

Purvi asks him, what are you doing here? I want your support and if you are with me, then everything is possible. Anyways, when he realizes his mistake, he will return.

Arjun is standing in the window and recalls his conversation with Purvi. Ovi says Ovi Kirloskar speaking.

And more importantly, he wants to change and that is why he is here. Just like Teju, aai and Sachin will also accept him. Sign in Recover your password. Pavitra Rishta 22ndJuly Written Update Ovi worry for Arjun Desitvbox, desi tv boxwatch online all indian tv shows, dramas, serials, and reality shows.


Pavitra Rishta 6th December Written Episode. Welcome, Login to your account. Oavitra do I miss her so much?

Pavitra Rishta 13th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He says I love you immensely and says he wants to live his life with her. Soham must be fine wherever he is. Manav signs the papers. We will have auust find him before aai comes. Varsha is telling Sulo, Soham got mixed with everyone and I am sure Manav will accept him soon as well. Purvi asks if he said anything. Flashback begins,then he called Ovi.

Pavitra Rishta 1st August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He enters the office and sees Purvi there again. They stop on a place. He auguzt looking at her. Arjun then asks Purvi if she found anything about Kinsukh and Shalini.