Pia comes to Neena and gives her apple vinegar. She says she is beautiful. Shashank says, but my aayi thinks otherwise. I have to enter her good books. Prashant looks at Gaurav. How could I stop her? It happens before marriage.

Pavitra Rishta 24th January Written Update. My tayi relation with jiju is on the verge of breaking. She kisses her on her cheek and leaves the room. Raunak must be punished and that old hag sunanda should realize that ankita was right god sunanda pisses me off… even shirish… wow. Ankita asks Prashant to keep Soham away from Mansi. Will she trusts a stranger like me.

Pavitra Rishta 7th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Pia thinks, where is others. Her mom asks her to keep Raunaq happy. Sign in Recover your password. Naren asks her, if there is some problem? We are humans too.

Pavitra Rishta – 7th October 2014 Manav & Archana to die

No need to show pity on me. Ankita asks mansi, whether she likes Shashank. I am watching you.


Ankita says, I came for you. Naren introduces Arjun to Kinnari. Pia comes inside her cabin.

Frankly what if that had happened to Kinnari?? Something must have happened. She identifies Prashanth and says she saw him somewhere earlier.

Pavitra Rishta 6th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She says, I want that girl to go out of the house. Pooja 9th Feb – Ankita and her father will apologize to you all. Purvi says, you are happy with Ovi naa, let me be happy with him. Pari fbruary Archana about meeting Ankita and says she was ashtonished seeing her exactly same like Archana. She says, Mansi is hurt as she will be leaving home now.

Naren asks, do you love Mansi? Arjun tells Ovi that when he saw her for the first time, he remembered Pia and was missing her. Archana says, Manav do the same daily. Did episoce tell them about me.

It is difficult to forget our first love. Pranav comes and says someone give him this box. Theyre stupid and even naren… he even pushed her.


She collides with Prashant and all the veggies falls on febtuary ground. We have to fulfilled all the vows. She imagines to slap Raunaq and he falls on the stairs. Naren wishes him happy birthday. Soham goes outside, Ankita follows him.

Shashank asks, what are you saying? Savita comes and sees them fighting. Sunanda says, you are a sad excuse of a daughter in law. Last Episode, none of her children and grandchildren who actually live with her could not set time aside for her birthday.

Pia fdbruary, studies are going fine.