Dil Hai Tumhaara English: Unlike their mother, Nimmi loves Shalu very much and constantly stands up for her, though she refuses to think ill of her mother or take sides. Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai Mr Khanna is taken aback because he knows about the relationship between Dev and Shalu. Preity is presented as the bubbly, vivacious girl, with a sensitive heart. She is ashamed of how she has treated Shalu, and they share their first hug.

Shalu is told the truth about her birth, given an ultimatum by Sarita to stop flirting with Dev, to which Shalu agrees. Dia segera belajar seluruh tipu muslihat dari Samir, dan dengan senang hati menepi agar Shalu dan Dev bersatu. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke When Dev learns this from Shalu, he is confused and dismayed, but eventually agrees to marry Nimmi to make Shalu happy. Nimmi juga jatuh cinta pada Dev saat pertama kali bertemu. A man faces a dilemma after he accidentally kills his lover’s fiancee and hides this secret from her, not knowing that it may create a rift in their lives. Saritaji kemudian menjadi wanita sukses bahkan dia jadi walikota.

Saritaji jadi saksi pengakuan Shalu dan sangat tersentuh. Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai Mr Khanna is impressed with Shalu’s courage and promises that nothing will stop the marriage from taking place. The “Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows” widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.

A blind woman hhai taken care by a wealthy nobleman after her fiancee is presumed to be dead. Circumstances force Rekha to shoulder the responsibility of bringing up the daughter Preity Zinta. She is ashamed of how she has treated Shalu, and they share their first hug. Dev Khanna Preity Zinta Preity and Arjun’s office pejain small town Palanpur is shown as a modern designer office.


Although Sarita adopted Shalu, she cannot forget the truth of Shalu’s hidden parentage, and so gives her none of the love she shows to her real daughter, Nimmi.

His puppet seems to have a life of its own, even talking at the same time as Jimmy. Sarita secretly witnesses Shalu’s confession and is deeply touched. Dia segera belajar seluruh tipu muslihat dari Samir, dan dengan senang hati menepi agar Shalu dan Dev bersatu.

She meets with the owner’s son, Dev Khanna, and thinks he is the driver, and treats him as such. A teary speech is all it takes.

The only way he can become one is to overthrow the current mayor Rekha. Shah simply seems to have jai that Tuhara house is in Delhi, not Palanpur.

One night he witnesses an accident where a car spins out of control and lands on the tracks of an Share this Rating Title: Chori Chori Chupke Chupke Dil Hai Tumhaara is notable for having unusually long takes during the musical scenes, most notably during the ‘Mohabbat Dil Ka Sakoon’ and ‘Dil Hai Tumhaara’ sequences. When Sarita sees Dev and Shalu being affectionate, she jumps to the conclusion that Shalu has stolen Dev from Nimmi – just as Shalu’s mother stole Shekar away from her.

Edit Storyline Percocious Shalu has determined that she is in hal of employment, and does get one with Khanna Industries, with a fair amount of false information. Sarita confronts Shalu in anger and reveals her true heritage in front of Nimmi. Sayangnya dia tak bisa memberikan cintanya kepada Shalu sebesar kasih sayangnya untuk Nimmi. She soon learns of the whole ruse from Samir and gladly steps aside for Shalu cilm Dev to be united.


Samir as Jimmy Shergil Rekha Jeena Sirf Merre Liye A quirky take on life tumhaara relationships as it looks at a fairy tale with a bit of a squint and an endearing look at what being in love really means.

See the full gallery. Trouble is, Nimmi Mahima loves him, too.

Sinopsis ‘DIL HAI TUMHARA’, Antara Cinta dan Restu Orang Tua –

A number of the musical sequences were used to advance the plot, instead of simply being interludes. Start your free trial. A young college girl faces hardships and challenges after she becomes a tumgara without marriage. Things takes a turn when her former fiancee comes back to her, which puts her in a dilemma.

Sinopsis ‘DIL HAI TUMHARA’, Antara Cinta dan Restu Orang Tua

Ketika beranjak dewasa hubungan Shalu Preity Zinta dengan Nimmi Mahima Chaudhry bagai kakak ddil kandung, walaupun keduanya memang tak tahu kalau memiliki ibu yang berbeda.

Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail. Yes No Report this. Kavita KrishnamurthySonu Nigam. Mahima looks great and dances well, and does justice to her role as the prim and proper girl who loves her younger sister to death.

Dia malu saat ingat bagaimana dia memperlakukan Shalu di masa lalu. Inspired by the Telugu film, “Pelli Chuskundam,” the plot follows the life of a rape victim Aishwarya Rai.