Lists of American non-fiction television series episodes. The omnipotent creator of the universe communicating with his creation though sandwiches, bathroom doors, and oily statues. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? In later interviews, Penn stated that anthropogenic global warming was probably real, but claimed that he was talking about not knowing whether “the whole package” i. Marc Klaas, father of the kidnapped and later found murdered Polly Klaas recounts his experiences with psychic detectives , which of course didn’t find jack shit. Criticizes the viewpoints of persons predicting the end of the world , with special focus on the Left Behind series and extreme survivalist methods. It claims that independent Tibet had a priest class living in luxury and serfs living in utter misery.

We keep articles on most, if not all, topics they cover. Bigfoot enthusiasts went crazy over it, even offering thousands of dollars for the rights to the film and interviews Comedian Gilbert Gottfried makes a guest appearance in this episode. Profanity May 06 – A whole show on words and the power we give them, focusing on the latest actions of the FCC and other anti-profanity groups. Some printings of the show’s DVD releases also carry this alternate title. This bowdlerization makes searching difficult.

Bob Weiner and David Evans of the “Drug free schools coalition” try to make a case for the war on drugs.

Examines some nonsense about love, chiefly the bogus “advice” that some people peddle. A complete discussion of this topic is beyond the scope of this synopsis. Argues that businesses will provide support for the disabled due to the desire for as much business as possible regardless of laws. Its format consisted of debating political topics, usually from a naturalist libertarian capitalist point of view the political philosophy espoused by both Penn and Teller [1] or aiming to debunk pseudoscientific ideas, paranormal beliefs, popular fads and misconceptions.

Genetics and diet play a much greater role. Includes interviews from former lawyer Jack Thompsonnotorious in the video game community for being an ambulance chaser from between and This has only gotten more relevant since the Syrian war and Donald Trump ‘s severe anti-immigration bullshit. Maddox commented on the episode instating that “they had a narrative in mind, and they cut the interview to fit their narrative”, and that his quotes were attempts at humour.

Archived from the original on November 23, For example, in “Safety Hysteria”, a manufacturer of “radiation guards” for mobile phones admits that there is no proven link between mobile phone radiation and brain cancerbut assures viewers that “you can’t be too safe” mobile phones use conventional radio waves for communication, which are non-ionizing radiation.


The renowned stand-up comedian Duane Gish from the Institute for Creation Research offers comic relief in the form of Grand Canyon flood geology and other nonsense, which Eugenie Scott needlessly refutes. The “Evolution is a theory, not a fact” sticker shown in the episode was removed in following a lawsuit initiated by several sane parents the lead plaintiff featured in this episode.

Also criticizes the Bible as a source of morality. Edit Storyline Three different Feng Shui “experts” are asked for their advice on changing the layout of a room. The only thing the episode really got right is that landfill space isn’t running out, although there were genuine concerns in the s as many smaller landfills closed due to new safety and environmental regulations, and it took some time for the larger and conforming landfills to be built and take up the slack.

Examines the various promises made by professional hypnosisand seeks to refute the idea of “mind over body”.

One of the better episodes of the series. Criticizes various viewpoints on the dangers of the profession, and points to the dangers of it not being legalized. Other people with similar views are Jim Lafferty from the Traditional Values Coalitionwho proclaims “there are classes of words, and profanity is the lowest denomination among the classes of words.

In particular their exclusion of gays and atheistswho are not allowed to join. Next up is William H.

Penn & Teller Bullshit! S08E06

They argue that tellerr parts of America do not have the right climate for lawns, and thus should not be forced. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried makes a guest appearance in this episode.

May 13 – The New Age is a marketeers dream. In the words of one disappointed visitor: Also rejects the notions that pornography can lead to addiction and blttled.

On the other hand, Radley Balko is introduced as “a serious guy” with a “super cool comic book detective name” who’s been “studying and writing about our [ It certainly wasn’t common. This is Teller’s favourite episode. Argues that the American criminal justice system is on the decline because of over-zealous police officers and district attorneys who care more about winning or being proven right than justice. Singh feature whose book, Gandhi Behind the Eipsode of Divinityis rather controversial.

They test Tarot cards reading with a guy from the Center for Inquiry. It then attempts to debunk some science reports; mainly the EPA report [6] which claims buklshit 3, deaths in the Watee annually from second-hand smoke. Although it mentions that the funding was ended, it doesn’t mention that the program was ended way back in Defends Wal-Mart against various criticismsarguing that it creates jobs where there are none and that it is merely the end product of capitalism.


While the book does seem somewhat light in content, [14] it seems to be helpful for many people, buullshit “age-old” techniques are not necessarily “good” techniques. Note that the ruling did not rule that creationism bullehit be taught in schools, and specifically disallows teaching it, [18] something quite a few press accounts got wrong including this episode due to some unfortunate wording. Scroll below and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Inwhen this episode was aired, China was well on the way to become the power that it is today and to which the U.

End of the World Feb 14 – A look at “The Sky is Falling” people from Nostradamus and his misinterpreted quatrains, to the “Left Behind” publishing phenomenon, to various crackpot rapture groups.

This was somewhat misjudged and hugely overblown by various botyled and politicians, but the an wasn’t non-existent or “made up” as was claimed. Argues that the public’s obsession with improving one’s self-esteem is ineffective and that those with high self-esteem will develop narcissism later in life.

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Many of the episodes are educational, and — if nothing else — humorous to watch if you have about a half an hour tellsr kill, and several of the episodes have grown to become classics within the sceptical community. Self-styled “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio quite possibly says some of the stupidest things on this show, such as implying that if drugs were legalized doctors would start operating on people while under the influence of drugs.

In the episodes that focus on woo, Penn often points out people’s lack of credentials and counters woomeisters’ nonsense with actual scientists, but here, only non-scientists represent the environmentalist view.