If there’s a lot you didn’t push the rewind button, or something else is wrong. There’s so many electronics involved and they don’t age so gracefully. Once again try wind the film. I opened up the back and the film is on the right hand side. It was not on a shaft. OK, so if your film canister is not attached to the film, it means when you rewound you didn’t press the button underneath, so you’ve actually torn the film out of the canister. You can’t post answers that contain an email address. Trying to remove the film in a Pentax ME Super If the cassette is on the left with the film on the right, and they aren’t connected to each other, you’ve got a problem.

No electronics to worry about. Some of us want to develop our film and are carful to hold the camera close to our ear, this way when we hear the sound change and the narrow end of the film comes loose and drags back thru the camera we can hear the noise. To remove–if you press the button on the bottom of the camera, this should release the toothed advance sprocket and you should be able to gently pull the film out. If you lifted it in the sense that the crank is now above the camera on a shaft, do this: The max point reward for answering a question is I opened up the back and the film is on the right hand side. The Ricoh WG-6 expands Ricoh’s tough compact camera line-up and features a ring light for better

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How to remove the film cartridge from a Pentax ME Super?

You can pretty much throw it away. I have one buried in the basement somewhere. Then try to work out for next time why it isn’t working. Any one have a Pentax KD Super. My guess is that there is a button underneath which when you depress will automatically rewind the film. Either you did it right, and there is no film, or you did it wrong and need to do it right.


MeFirstO Posted 10 years ago. Are you epntax Photography Expert? Alternatively send the camera for a good service. Unloding can use a digital camera as a light meter to set the aperture and shutter speed.

I’m thinking of going this route when my MZ finally conks out. It may or may not go clcik click cluck as you pentaz. It just reached the number 36 and the rapid wind lever won’t move anymore. After placing the end of the film into the slot, did you test fire a shot or two, rewind the rewind knob enough to put tension on the film, then close the back, cock the shutter and watch to see if the rewind knob turned?

Then you’re good to go. If “lifted” could be replaced with “unfolded” unooading your description, I think you did it right, and there’s no film. The problem is flim by perished rubber parts. There was tension when I rewound which is what the instructions said there should be but I don’t know where I went wrong. I can’t get it with my fingers or anything.

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Then it says the film rewind indicator should flicker and it’s not. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Instant Repair Help over the Phone 6ya. Thanks, Jim Feb 21, Kodak Photography. News News Home Suggest News. If there’s a lot you didn’t push the rewind button, or something else is wrong. Posted by Matthew Dickson on Oct 17, It’s great to unloadin you back on the forum! Lifted as in lifted up the rewind crank but not so that whole’first layer’ was above the rest.


A spot of resistance before it pops free. The next thing to do is try preventing the shutter getting stuck again by removing the bottom plate which will allow you access to the cogs for the shutter.

You can’t post conmments that contain an email address. It is possible that the mirror is stuck in th “up” position.

Good luck and let us know how you made out. Feb 21, Kodak Photography. Originally Posted by nady World Pentax Day Photo Map. This would potentially damage the system of the “Magic Needles”. Go into somewhere that is completely dark and open the back of the camera and remove the film. But pressed the little button on the bottom and started to rewind. The leader needn’t go “through” the magic needles.

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