Go ahead, Ms Gordon. We are inspired daily by the passion and the commitment of our community partners. Yes, that is correct or, if they do, it has a French name. How did it work for you? Isn’t that democratic purpose overwhelmed by new technology? Black, because something you said toward the end of your presentation twigged with me, and that is the role of the CCTA, the old Canadian Cable Television Association that now is gone. We are hopeful that the policy announced last month will turn that situation around. Without Rogers TV, the funding that is made during the weekly airing of bingo would not be available to them.

But we are growing and we are trying to establish — and anyway, some of the roadblocks that we have seen. Naturally, on a regional basis, everybody would see the regional council meetings. My last question, and I guess it is to Ms St-Pierre, on page 7 here in your testimony you say in the second paragraph, “Community channels help to retain customers, but they are a cost centre, not a revenue generator. Parfois oui, parfois non. We do measure the content according to the logging requirements for the CRTC, so classified as “import” and I can say that last year in Ontario we have reached I saw Rogers as this gigantic conglomerate that what chance to I have to really change policy in their organization. Do you have any information how much it costs you to put this community programming, that is actually more than the 2 per cent that you are charging? You know, you will have people there that come from China, different places all around the world who are here in Fredericton for schooling or whatnot who are volunteering at Rogers.

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Community TV is an important source of news about where we live, it is about our local sports teams, cultural events, our schools and towns councils. There would be times where we might share with one another if it was completely relevant to each of the communities.

Please note that the Official Languages Act requires that government publications be available in both official languages. We are on Channel 4. You have a substantial pre-tax profit as well and yet you are saying that you don’t have enough funding to provide closed captioning and HD transition. You know, you will have people there that come from China, different places all around the world who are here in Fredericton for schooling or whatnot who are volunteering at Rogers.


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Well, in the Fredericton area alone, the Fredericton channel of Rogers is an English channel, so they basically provide English programming. Ce n’est pas une contradiction.

You seem to be asking a question that I would assume you had the answer to. Whereas CTV, Global or one of the other stations could show Ghost Whisperer or a nationally syndicated television show. It is fundamental to our business, it is extremely important as a retention tool. I just thought that since these people are connected online with bekle, you would have an exact way of measuring how pa is being watched.

So you have until May 17 to do further written submissions, and you might want to reflect on those points.

So, the definition up to this point in time has worked for us, from our interpretation. As well, so you go — and has it evolved over the time? I always appreciate constructive proposals, and both of you have gone to great lengths today to put yourselves in our shoes and come forward with something that is doable, and I appreciate that approach.

In the brief you describe your situation but you don’t say anything about It offers Complef Brunswick citizens easy access to local information, whether it be news, sports or just to turn the channel on to see what is happening in and around the province.

Google’s rights are perpetual and cannot be revoked.

More music and variety programs? The fact that the community channel is on Isle Madame in the area is a good thing for Bragg. In order for community media to truly flourish, community content producers need access to distribution channels that are accessible by stakeholder communities. When people see people that they trust saying there is an issue, then they believe that in fact there is.


It is the total, the total hours and then a proportion of those, the percentages of those. And he goes, well community television is very important. But they do carry a community channel, Channel 14 on their cable system. So, we can utilize that as far as spreading the word is concerned. As well, to my knowledge, most of Rogers TV’s programming is made right plhs in the province.

I think that was my point. YouTube is chaotic and very difficult to find anything. That is the way Please introduce yourself, and you have 10 minutes for your presentation.

In other words, they said, yes, you can have a community channel licence if you are a member of the community provided, in the notice, you don’t do X, Y, and Z.

As I was reading it — and I even asked staff, I said, why can’t they do that now? Naturally, on a regional basis, everybody would see the regional council meetings. I read a lot of daily newspapers and I find they are often slanted.

To me, I think that having Fredericton joining with Chipman, in a way, would be a good thing, because it is going to give them more than what they have right now.

Do you have too much money now, following bellle on the discussion with the Chair, because you are not asking for new sources of revenue? Almost pllus per cent of the time they are distinct. Well, yes, we could find that. On parle ici de programmation communautaire.

And, as we have noted, a number of quite prominent performers and others have come out of community TV and so have some interesting products. We will start today with the presentation of Cogeco Cable Inc. It is a little public service announcement and it is ran for about six to 10 to times over a period of two weeks.

Menzies, that you could create a public form of public broadcasting.