They then found out that one of the Lure Balls had caught it. Language Voice actor Japanese. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Misty and Ash trade barbs about not being quiet enough, then Misty gets a bite! By now the Totodile has had enough and sprays them all with a Water Gun and jumps back into the river. Retrieved from ” https:

Brock decides on a best-of-three match. Totodile also acts as a comic relief character, as its tendency to dance is shown in many important matches, frustrating Ash, and confusing its opponents. Totodile eats the rest of their snacks in one gulp, and when they all try to grab it, it sends them blasting off with its Water Gun. It also unabashedly introduced itself to Larvitar first in Entei at Your Own Risk , energetically swinging Larvitar around in a circle. The Rise of Darkrai! Season 3 Episode Its Scary Face attack has also been used as a joke a couple of times, one being in a battle with Duplica ‘s Mini-Dit , where Totodile laughed at its imitation of the move before continuing the battle. Both he and Misty are determined to catch it, but Misty plans to increase her chances by using the Lure Ball that Kurt made.

Jessie freaks out and has to put her escaped Wobbuffet back into its PokeBall again. Heading towards Violet City, Ash and company see some Heracross. Totodile appeared in Emperor of the Crystal Tower: Totodie was shown to be fairly romantic, as it quickly fell in love with an Azumarill in Love, Totodile Style.

J03 153 – The Totodile Duel

Brock is about to declare Ash the winner when Poliwag suddenly evolves into Poliwhirl! At Professor Oak’s Laboratory.

The Rise of Darkrai! Ash, eager to get one, disturbs them and gets told off by an expert.

Episode – The Totodile Duel Pictures

Ash Ketchum voice Rachael Lillis To Avoid the current hassles there is this disclaimer for those Who want to use it without permission: Retrieved from ” https: In the rematchTotodile performed better, launching itself into the air with Water Gun and landing on top of Miltank, but it was quickly shaken off and knocked out.


A severe case of sibling rivalry between Pikachu and Chikorita calls for therapy sessions with Nurse Joy. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Other English-speaking nations largely followed either this order or the Pokeemon order. Meowth is worried that the boss will boot them off the team if they keep messing up.

Audible Download Audio Books. Ash won’t have any more of this and orders Pikachu to shock it again, but Misty shoves him out of her way and throws her own PokeBall. Team Rocket however wants to get the Amberite and steal Donphan. Round Two to Ash.

Third round is Bulbasaur versus Poliwag. Totodile is still dancing merrily during this whole thing.

Ash’s Squirtle is reunited with the Squirtle Squad. Both he tktodile Misty are determined to catch it, but Misty plans to increase her chances by using the Lure Ball that Peisode made. Totodile was used fairly often during Ash’s travels in Johtobut it wasn’t used in many Gym battles, only once in A Goldenrod Opportunity against Whitney. This section is a stub.

In the battle with Christopher and his Kingdra in Dueling HeroesTotodile showed its skill by escaping a Twister and defeating Kingdra by using Bite on its snout while Kingdra used Hydro Pumpand the result of having too much water in its snout sent it off flying, and thus was defeated.

Whose Is the Waninoko!? Satoshi vs Kasumi!

Search for ” Whose Is the Waninoko!? When separated as production seasons, the remaining 11 episodes of Adventures in the Orange Islands are part of the third season along with these episodes Season 2 ends with “Charizard Chills”.


When a town keeps getting attacked by epislde herd of Stantler, Brock thinks there is something awry. The Hoppip’s trainer Mariah uses a group of Hoppip to help her forecast the weather. Totodile seemed to take this advice in stride, falling for a Quagsire before the end of the episode.

A quick Razor Leaf gets Poliwhirl off but Bulbasaur is tired. Musashi voice Inuko Inuyama Totodile appears in The Grand Rhydon Plan.

One of the Hoppip is actually a little Oddish. Misty tells Togepi to use its Charm attack, and Pikachu retreats and hides behind a rock. At this point they are interruped by Jessie and James in disguise, but Wobbuffet comes out again and blows their cover. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times.

Totodile appeared in An Old Family Blend!

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Later, it helped to put out the fire caused by Cyndaquil, together with Corphish and Piplup. Later in the battle, the two matched up again, and the type disadvantage was evident – Totodile’s water was blocked by Light Screenand an attempt to Headbutt through resulted in a Thunder Punch knockout.

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