La mission de sauvetage de Heatran! Tout le monde Chapitre Blue Gum Farm, Euroa, Vic. Oak tells Ash that he is responsible for saving Oak’s lab, as they were his Tauros, but he is also responsible for reparing the fence, which the Tauros trampled over. Kaum hat die Show angefangen, die Arena ist total ausverkauft, taucht Team Rocket auf A limousine drives by and takes them to the estate where James used to live. Naruto, toujours plus loin!!

They find that Gary is also visiting. Dans la cuisine – 10e partie They enter the arena to find Magmar, and they tell it that it’s won a prize. Jenny gets Ash and Pikachu early in the morning and they start. The van is still going and Jessie and Meowth are okay. Camping – 2e partie Le mot de passe!! Ash und seine Freunde sind in Vertania angekommen.

Dans la cuisine – 10e partie Brock and Misty enter the gym and befriend those who inhabit it, but Ash must go to some outrageous lengths in order to even set foot in the gym let alone prove himself worthy of battle against its Master.

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The foreman has been recruiting Pokemon trainers to get rid of the Diglett. Ash and friends go out to find him only to be side-tracked by the devious Team Rocket. Aber Glurak gehorcht Ashs Befehlen nicht. Kurz danach stellen die drei Freunde jedoch fest, dass der “Trainer” Daimian sein Glumanda aussetzen wollte. Un tissu de mensonges Font du bricolage – 1re partie In the process of trying to defeat the ghost Pokemon, Ash learns a lesson or two about the mystical spirit world.


Celui qui avait un cerveau neuf La agente Mara aparca su moto y pregunta a los tres protagonistas si se encuentran bien. Font du jogging – 2e partie Le symbole du courage! Les dessous de la trahison!! Ash calls Charizard to throw rocks to block the flow of lava, but Charizard refuses to listen.

Jessie and James tell Meowth that it could talk and negotiate with Tropius. Grovyle thinks that Meganium is running to it, and so joy fills Grovyle’s heart. His Nidoking is battling against a Golem.

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Bataille dans la brume. Naruto sort le grand jeu. As a last desperate attempt, Ash takes off his clothes and starts pulling everyone himself.

Tropius and Meganium begin to bond with each other. They succeed, and guess what pops amuoreux Honor the Dance NZ. Celui qui prenait des coups Dans les souks Richie calls out his Charmander, which gets through the wall.

Jessie, James, and Meowth dream about the promotions they would get if they captured the Tropius. Unfortunately, Charizard stops listening to Ash after the battle.


They dress Ash up as a Mr.

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Later as Ash is getting on the elevator to go back outside, a boy named Richie is rushing to catch the elevator as well. Mime to help Ash and it agrees. Le pouvoir d’Ukon Ch. Celui qui avait un singe It’s Jessie and James, being lifted with a crane by Meowth.

All images, text and audio are used in an editorial context. Le cas Sasuke Ch. Brock makes a djel request to visit a salon called Coron.


Ash and friends and his mom get invited to Hollywood for the premiere of the movie that was made in the previous episode. La grande Fuite de Naruto.

It gets more confidence and it works. Font du jardinage – 2e partie Celui qui cassait les radiateurs Meowth heads into one of his fantasies.