Give it all you’ve got! Privacy Policy Terms of Service. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The capsule of her temporal transport is taken away. Sign up for free! Flame Charge “I’m scared Total of 4 Movies.

How could I have done such a thing to a fellow human Let all your Pokemon get knocked out in 20 turns. Monica is a normal type and all her moves are normal type too, so if you are ghost she can’t hurt you. You are an unusual Human. When you first told me to make it small enough to fit inside a capsule the size of a person’s hand, I thought you were asking the impossible, but somehow we managed to pull it off! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Thanks to a kind reader sending emails in with easier guides to the good endings and movue wanting to help! Protect yourself from your foe’s attack! Upcoming games for What are you looking forward to? It is usually achieved by using the Rental Pokemon for the movie as it has everything the movie needs. Or are you just a dirty lying Human? At my age, I can’t run very fast. Brycen Man A place of never-ending smiles!


I really, really appreciate this! I needed your help. Pay attention to your foe’s item!

Pokemon Black Version 2 – PokeStar Studios FAQ

Some of the stories Sutdios thought were fun, and the scripts themselves are puzzles of sorts. We have to leave this planet with the mothership I knew it wouldn’t be a problem for you!

Brycen-Man Weavile Male Lv. The key to the giant woman’s fate is love!

Each has their own preference to how they want you to act. This series has 3 parts.

Pokéstar Studios

Just now, jojo said:. Mecha Cop Sawk Male Lv.

Let your Pokemon be knocked out in eight scenes. A director will make positive comments at the end of the filming, indicating you got the Good Ending. Get away from my Bag! If we can destroy the mothership, the remaining UFOs will panic and retreat. If either of these offsets are accurate, I could slowly try. Log into your account here: Just follow my instructions. From a Nursea Preschoolerand a Policeman in the movie theater for getting a good ending on a movie. Not while I still needed to deliver these precious research samples back to my own time But it’ll be ok for the normal Pokemon.


We’ll have to start all over now How else can you test properly? Hold it right there! Which one leads back?

Pokemon Black Version 2 PokeStar Studios FAQ for DS by MKaykitkats – GameFAQs

A shocking future awaits! Get a good ending on every other movie and talk to Brycen at the Icirrus Gym. What I’m looking for is their mothership.