Always upscale Luma if needed 64 Neurons. Windows 10, madvr Originally Posted by har3inger. It’s because I don’t user Aero. Do you mean as in seek slowly and not fast? If you try to play p videos with these settings you may have to dial things back a bit. Where can I download the English version of this Potplayer bit. MPC-HC has better playback and does a much better job rendering subtitles.

Than everything work fine, but only start and open every file was ingredible slow and PotPlayer is unusable with this “feature”. It is so called dragonfly artifacts. It can help to improve overall video quality by providing smoother video playback. Find More Posts by SecurityBunny. Hello, I’m currently having various problems with SVP. The flickering occurs with even the latest build, 0.

Here is a good guide to configuring the latest build to support GPU acceleration. Thanks, that is resolution. Windows 10, madvr Create your page here.

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Main benefit is support for 10bit native output in fullscreen exclusive support. Originally Posted by Havokdan. For most people, you won’t ever really have to worry about this setting since most monitors are p, subtitless most content is p or lower, you are not going to downscale that often, even when you do quality won’t be a huge factor.

GfD development version By borax in forum Programming.

madVR – high quality video renderer (GPU assisted) – Page – Doom9’s Forum

Views Read Edit View history. Show posts by this member only Post 8. One more thing, to update any components for example: It’s rather frustrating now that I moved to 64 bit and betas only come for 32bit potplayer. This serves as yet another reminder that I need to buy the House box sets flashign watch every existing episode back-to-back.


Do not keep any previous settings.

But in hard cases SVP will give artifacts on any settings. After installing the components and presetting according to http: Try to encrese Search radius. Also, I get this error message time to time when I open a file to play: Before flazhing start posting please read the forum rules.

Show posts by this member only Post Some people prefer to use the Pptplayer algorithm over others, such as BiCubic or Lanczos. Where can I download the English version of this Potplayer bit. It is an official remake of the Hollywood blockbuster, The Italian Jobwhich itself is a remake of the British caper filmof the same name.

You don’t need to install mpc-hc in the same folder as madvr, so just stick with the installation defaults for mpc-hc. So the first method 1. New releases were coming quite frequently so I did several updates of madVR. Aero is much better on Windows 8. Originally Posted by SecurityBunny. I was suggested to enable the option “disable desktop composition” to avoid the window freezing.

OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Check first is tearing test line moves smoothly without jitter ctrl-win-T. Log in or sign up in seconds. To all of you having slow startup issues, when updating make sure you check the localization option. I don’t quite get the use of this settings.



If you are playing anime this may not be a setting that you want to enable. Plays almost everything, has GPU playback, automatically downloads subtitles, the interface is very clean and minimal looking, when you close the player during playback and open it again it starts from where it left off, it has filters for image enhancement, and it’s only a few megs in size.

Thats potplayfr a problem, I have never changing and testing any codecs – “If it works, don’t touch on it! I can take a screenshot if required. I took a bunch of p video screenshots so I could compare the visual quality of each chroma upscaling algorithm to see who the winner was.

This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: I already installed several other alternatives including VLC. I’ve run some benchmarks with each option, check out this page for the full results.

A lot of problems when using SVP for potplayer watching anime Kanade There are two causes of dragonfly artifacts: They also store their settings in different places so it sucks to just try out, I’d have to move settings in the registry