She finds herself in the past, and meets the people from Wes’s story. The Rangers try to fix the clock in the tower, but have no luck. Jen initially refuses to go but then she learns that it’s starring her favorite movie star, Frankie Chan. Views Read Edit View history. The Defenders Crime, Action, Adventure. Wes tells them about a ghost that is supposed to inhabit the tower.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Minoru Uchiyama, who was the costume designer and make up artist for various Super Sentai series. It is revealed that Trip stole the last page of the script and without it, the Rangers are able to write their own ending, using their Megazords to defeat Cinecon and refreeze him. They discover that some technology was developed as a result of Ransik’s attacks. Circuit also recognizes the artifact, and the Rangers try to recover it before it falls into the wrong hands. In the future, the Rangers discover what happened to the city and their friend: Finally, Notacon is grown to a giant size and Q-Rex attacks him, but the Rangers realize that Eric is merely trying to hold him down, allowing them to destroy the control device and refreeze Notacon. Frax voice David Stenstrom

The Rangers watch the filming and when a stuntman is injured, Wes volunteers to replace him. When it starts to cause friction in the team, Jen orders them to stop seeing her. Sadly, the 4 can’t find someone who shares Alex’s DNA and start to give up, until Trip finds someone who looks identical to Alex. Powre contemplates leaving the city.

Wes arrives and helps his friends. Vypra aligns with Ransik in order to release a super demon oart destroy the world. A Calm Before the Storm. Select your free and paid streaming services. Since all of his medicine is destroyed, he goes to the only place that has more, the company that belongs to Wes’s father Bio-Labalmost killing Wes’s father in the process.

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Everything has been written for Cinecon’s movie “End of the Rangers” but can the Rangers find another ending? This list is based off production order. His daughter, Holly, manages to escape, and tries to hire Lucas as her bodyguard.


Wes knows that his friends can’t stay in the present and has a plan to send them back to their own time. After Alex leaves, Focre realizes that she has feelings for someone else. The Time Force Epixode ask Circuit about historical events.

Collins powfr Eric realize that Wes is a Red Ranger. Cinecon then reveals his trap and sends the Rangers to different dimensions where they’re trapped inside their favorite genre movie. Then she wakes up as a mutant attacks.

The End of Time: She wants to kill Fatcatfish for personal reasons. Jen and a team of 3 others: Wes offers the money to Nadira and the mutants, but they refuse to release the hostages.

Ransik Lives 24 Feb 7. The Rangers are still trapped in the movie dimensions. Venomark attacks the Rangers and everyone but Wes falls victim to his bite.

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Wes allows Lucas to drive his sports car, unaware that Lucas is a race car driver. Meanwhile, the Rangers battle Ransik’s new mutant assistant. Ransik finds out that Venomark has been freed and goes after him since Venomark attacked him back in the future, so Ransik wants revenge. The Rangers then battle Ransik, but are overpowered.

Then Alex suddenly appears, saying that it already has changed. Nadira watches as Circuit helps the Rangers in their battle. Power Rangers Time Force Episode 1: Alex’s leadership has created friction as the other Rangers don’t like his methods. Alex returns to the future, finally accepting the Rangers point of view and that Wes is the true Red Ranger.

The Rangers try to find some 21st-century weapons to help them. He tells Wes about how he was treated in the future, causing Wes have some doubts. During the fight, Ransik accidentally shoots Nadira, who was protecting a baby after having changed her opinion on humans thanks to Trip and uses the baby ranger convince Ransik that humans aren’t so bad after all.


He learns from Dr.

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Frax unleashes Venomark on the city. In the city, people are afraid of the mutant due to his appearance. One of the Guardians, Eric Meyers, spots Wes. Wes notices Ransik taking serum to fight off the effects of Venomark’s poison and gets a sample to his father, so they can mass produce a cure for everyone rangegs.

Meanwhile, Frax’s new episoee terrorizes the city, but is destroyed by Eric and the Q-Rex. They discover that some technology was developed as a result of Ransik’s attacks.

Ransik launches his first attack, but since the rangers can’t morph they don’t go until they motivate themselves. They appear on set and the Cyclobots give chase. While driving to work, Mr.

He steals her morpher, fights her on her own, then turns her insane. Power Rangers Time Force Episode 9: Ransik attacks the news station and captures Wes.

Power Rangers Time Force Episode 7: After the battle, she tells her friends about her dream and how the ending had changed, but Wes corrects her and says that’s how he had told it, leaving her wondering if it really was a dream.

The Next Mutation Masked Rider. The 4 land in the city of Silver Hills in the yearand their Chrono Morphers. Ransik willingly surrenders to the Rangers without further opposition and the Rangers have to return to the future without Wes to their great powee.

Iron Fist Crime, Action, Adventure.