She asks how he knew — did he follow her? You gave more depth and context to the drama – your knowledge of the language and the culture and your passion complemented the watching of subbed episodes. Thank you very Much for this one. Episode 6 by Helcat. Please come to my location along with the police forces. She and Yoon Ah party it up with the boys — until undercover cops come in and catch the boys. I’ve tried to follow and retrace the usual kdrama cliches to figure it out, but I still have no clue. I know I am.

He’s just too secretive and not upfront at all with his true intentions – even if they are good. I am super curious about IW history though. Its one of the best dramas ive seen this year! Well, I dont know him, I never see him in any drama, but now.. The ones that always stay by the girl’s side but never gets to touch her heart. Se-joon discovers the a GPS with a letter handwritten by Hye-ri.

I really hope that this means it’s turned into a classic. Thanks for the wonderful recaps.

He had advised Ma to frame it on Ggooddrama Dong Geun so that Ma would have time to take care of his next steps. Episodes prosecutlr LollyPip. He takes it and shoves it in his pocket. It was the excessive production design and styling of Hye Ri that made it look ridiculous.

I want to thank all the drama-related staff. Thanks so much for the recap! I can’t wait to see more of In Woo’s past, and what are his motives.


Well, anyone would misunderstand if a weird guy starts bringing himself closer to you with that confusing face. There are about 40 or 50 gamblers and 11 people running the place, so make sure you bring enough people prrosecutor arrest all of them. This is probably my favorite drama now.

Prosecutor Princess

Your email address will not be published. After this accusation, one of them looks at her eyes and oh, boy I hate his face! Last but not least, seeing In-woo staring at that emotionally heavy hug between Se-joon and Hye-ri, was sad, truly sad. But what makes his character interesting is that while we know rng IS interested in HR, we don’t know how much goodxrama it is genuine.

MHR has got to be one of my favorite character!!

Prosecutor Princess: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Yay for no close-up kiss! So, the last 3 minutes were so distressing, that I could actually feel his deception epiode not arriving sooner. I love what you wrote and the song you selected.

Lol to all of the rock comments; I thought that was weird too. How long are you going to copy me?

Prosecutor Princess: Episode 2 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I think he’s fantastic and portrays the different sides to his character very well! He produces a cash counting machine and starts stacking the bills through the counter. Thank you for the recap!

Thanks, javabeans for editing! Oh my gosh, me too. He definitely has dpisode plan and HR’s part of it. Then i became curious about In-woo’s character and decided to check the series out.


Misterious man with many surprise. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I was curious as to how the writer, who also wrote the Brilliant Legacy, was going to churn the story and I was quite impressed. She was SO cool! It beats waiting for Cinderella Sister!

The workshop is a bigger deal than it sounds — every newly graduated prosecutor must attend it to understand the basics of the job and the regulations they must follow.

Thanks to the most awesome recap duo. Indeed, there are people like that, who are having lots of things without even trying, so in the end, it feels like they are taking those for granted. Not just a little. Since she has an excellent memory, she can remember every little detail that is taught rather easily.

But I really liked the scene where Hye-ri was barefoot and wearing a white dress. But rarely do we see a lead girl so hateful and watch her change throughout the series – immediate is good, but the writers would be making a more thorough job if they had her grow throughout the series.

I agree that in woo is quite the fellow – so disarmingly charming! I also loved the kiss on the forehead.

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