Then Makishima really just lays it out with those thugs! The way he kicked ass at the end with those thugs was pretty awesome. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. I’m predicting that Kogami’s PP will get high as a result of his colleagues dying then fighting Shogo in the finale as we’ve seen in episode 1 I think this can happen eariler in the series. I get that these people trust the Sibyl System and all, but how does violence not freak anyone out. In the meantime, Makishima discusses humanity and philosophy with Senguji, who in an earlier interview reveals himself to be nearly a full cyborg.

Psycho-Pass Episode 14 Discuss Seriously, these people are ruthless That scene where that woman was killed, everyone just stood there.. I also liked the music of this episode: An invention to surpass cymatic scans. And i hope u all know that i refuse to let my chronic illness fuck with my life and will try harder to get this work done here since otaku is my life i cant give up Prior to arriving, Akane manages to convince the Sibyl System to keep her Dominator on Paralyzer mode with the safety unlocked regardless of Crime Coefficient to use as a trump card against Makishima and Kogami. Those two murders in the beginning.

Later, the team learn that more culprits, wearing the same helmets, rob an armored car.

Sinners of the System. In the meantime, Kogami picks up a damaged audio file which was deliberately left by Makishima. Afterward, the murderer, who happens to be working with Shogo Makishima, kills the owner of “Spooky Boogie” and takes over her avatar as well.

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The mini robots made me miss Tachikoma of Ghost in the Shell. At a girls’ school, Rikako Oryo, the enigmatic president of the art club, ensnares an unsuspecting victim and mutilates her corpse into a work of “art” under the tutelage of the evident mastermind, Makishima. Kogami deduces that the second crime would have a motive, leading their investigation to a man named Jyunmei Itoh who had a grudge against the victim.


Makishima beats Kogami but is knocked out by Akane.

This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Say Something Cancel reply Enter your comment here Kogami, who had analyzed Akane’s chats with Spooky Boogie and the guest data on the idols’ communities, determines the identity of animeultim murderer, who goes by the name of Masatake Midou.

With that said, he’s obviously going to get caught and die but hopefully in the end the system gets changed.

It’s animultima had great animation but If felt like this week it was better The OP animation was great. I’m predicting that Kogami’s PP will get high as a result of his colleagues dying then fighting Shogo in pqss finale as we’ve seen in episode 1 I think this can happen eariler in the series. Much better than previous episodes. Ive had many people ask why i chose these three for SpotLight ReviewSeries An invention to surpass cymatic scans.

All those people seeing that woman being killed Quite an intense episode we had this week. Helmet that copy the scan data from nearest people to prevent from sensing criminal status. Seriously, these people are ruthless Hopefully it can keep to this level of quality until the end, because it may end up being something neat if that is the case.

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Makishima and Senguji set anieultima a hunt by using Akane’s friend, Yuki, as bait to lure Kogami into an abandoned subway station. Wow the deaths this week were brutal even more so than the mid season finale with Shogo Makishima. I hope we can go on a manhunt of Makishima soon enough.


Ginoza and his team theorize that a mastermind might have influenced the murderous actions of two recent suspects by essentially providing them with the ability and motivation to carry out their deadly desires. Email Address never made public.

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Just rewatched the beginning of episode 1 and the guys with masks were there too: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Kogami, meanwhile, goes to visit Saiga in order to figure out Makishima’s next move; pshcho two surmise that Makishima might attempt to meddle with Japan’s food supply in order to force open borders for the country.

I know I wouldn’t naimeultima to live in a world that’s controlled by computers where everything you do is already decided for you. When animeulfima club they are investigating gets set on fire after Kogami’s Enforcer partner Mitsuru Sasayama jumps the gun in approaching culprits dealing with Molotov cocktailsYayoi decides to search for Rina, only to discover she is part of a resistance group selling the Molotov cocktails in the hopes of overthrowing the Sybil System.

Zetsuen No Tempest “Civilizatiom Blastr”. Meanwhile, Makishima, in a study with Toyohisa Senguji, reveals the circumstances of Rikako Oryo’s father’s death and discusses the nature of the shortening life expectancy. After the power is shut apss, Kogami sneaks into the facility whilst Akane and Yayoi head to the control room in case Makishima attempts to activate the emergency power.