Satyendra asks Shobha to inform Aarti about her wedding date, which is April 2. Tags punarvivaah watch full episode 13th september When Aarti refuses to accompany the duo, Mansi tries to convince her. Aarti again threatens to hit Pratik. Report Category Video contains prohibited content. Satyendra hears the commotion and rushes outside. Aarti reads the letter, which informs her about Yash’s father’s decision. Are you sure you want to perform this action?

Aarti somehow manages to get up and complete the race but does not win. However, Shobha points out that Ansh was living with a false hope that one day his father would come to meet him. Shobha smartly handles the situation and tells Ansh that very soon he would meet his father. She too gets uncomfortable with the surroundings and gets furious at Yash for calling her there. At that time, Aarti, who is also present in the same gaming zone with Ansh, goes to buy popcorn for Ansh. To his dismay, at that time, Mansi and Vijay move aside and the flowers get showered on Aarti.

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Video is violating privacy. Next day, Satyendra and Shobha take Aarti along with them to a mall to meet, Raghu.

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Yash is surprised to see Payal and Palak dressed beautifully in Episore attires. Aarti finds a video footage in her cellphone. Aarti and Yash perform their pre-wedding rituals.

Punarvivaah – Watch Full Episode of 14th September published 5 episod ago In the September 14 episode of Punar Vivaah, Aarti recollects the moments when she and Yash had consummated their marriage.


Satyendra returns home and decides to send Aarti’s photograph to the Scindia family. Aarti realise her love for yash https: She asks Aarti to come out with her.

vivan When Gayatri checks the ring, she begins to complain saying that the ring may not fit Aarti. Shobha overhears their conversation and gets surprised.

After the ceremony, the families rejoice. Aarti makes Shobha realize her duties towards her and asks her to fight for her rights. Vidhi offers food to her husband, Pankaj.

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Aarti decides to call the vendor and exchange the box. Paridi wishes to thank Yash as because of him she can get married to Pratik. Yash, however, does not believe eplsode such customs and refuses to change Aarti’s name.

Paridi also informs Aarti that a female dancer is invited for the party. She argues that she her own identity would be lost in the bargain. Aarti and Ansh are also present in the same mall but are unaware about Yash’s ;unar. Shobha, however, is worried and does not have the to convince Aarti to accept the proposal. Yash proposes aarti https: Satyendra tells Yash’s father episodw they must perform the roka ceremony without further delay. She asks Aarti to think about the day Ansh would realize that she lied to him about his father.


Yash is shocked when Pratik informs him that as per the customs the family would change Aarti’s name to Arpita. Aarti agrees to go ahead with the engagement and comes downstairs.

Yash realise his love for aarti https: Yash, on the other hand, argues with parents and refuses 1449 accept the custom of changing Aarti’s peisode. On the other hand, Yash is also worried about his daughter. Punarvivah season 1 Yash and Aarti Lovers added 7 new photos — with Roshelinah Mampionona and 3 others.

Gayatri expresses her doubt and asks them why none of Aarti’s maternal family members accompanied them to the ceremony.

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Yash gets worried wondering how Aarti would travel home alone and tries to stop her. She states that Aarti was supposed to take the position of her daughter and so she would be addressed her as Arpita in the future. Aarti, however, refuses to relent and states that she was happy with her son and would continue to fulfill all his demands and be a mother and father to him. Payal and Yash start fighting.