QwtScaleEngine — Scale engine. When the scale boundaries have been assigned with setAxisScale a scale division is calculated QwtScaleEngine. Any guess how to correct this? The baseline is needed for filling the curve with a brush or the Sticks drawing style. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Return the curve type See also:

See also pen , brush. QwtLegendData is basically a list of QVariants that makes it possible to overload and reimplement legendData to return almost any type of information, that is understood by the receiver that acts as the legend. The fill algorithm simply connects the first and the last curve point to the baseline. Please note that scaleDraw has to be created with new and will be deleted by the corresponding QwtScale member like a child object. See also draw , drawSticks , drawSteps , drawLines. Since the value 0. In case not brush. Powered by vBulletin Version 4.

Cheers and thanks to kiriM and Fractal Edit: See also isVisibleshowhide. Read axes styles from section and options one option for each axis in the order left, right, bottom, top.

Complete a polygon to be a closed polygon including the area between the original polygon and the baseline. It will first detach the QwtPlotItem from any plot from a previous call to attach if necessary. Instead you can place pointers to objects to be removed in a removal list, and traverse that list later.


Return the size of the data arrays See also: Powered by vBulletin Version 4.

QwtPlotCurve man page

In updateAxes the scale engine calculates a scale division from the specified parameters, that will be assigned to the scale widget. Sticks Draw vertical sticks from a baseline which is defined by setBaseline. Get the plot curve to which the mouse is pointing to By StefanK in forum Qwt. This signature was removed in Qwt6 and is temporarily maintained here to ensure compatibility with Qwt5.

See also setDataqwt. Return the value of the baseline See also: For signals the signal is connected to the given value which should be a callable. If symbol is None no symbol will be drawn. Set the curve’s drawing style. QwtPlotItem object implementing the guiqwt. Have I to override QwtPlotCurve? I followed the example of simple plto in Qwt examples to plot a curve.

Qwt User’s Guide: QwtPlotCurve Class Reference

Thank you Fractal and KiriM. NoCurve Don’t draw a curve. The interpretation of the baseline depends on the orientation. Return the current curve attributes See also: ClipPolygons Poot polygons before painting them. Since the value 0. Otherwise, emit the signal for passed plot item.


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See also drawdrawSticksdrawStepsdrawLines. QwtPlotItem — Plot item on bool — When true attach the item, otherwise detach it. If plotItem is None, emit QwtPlot. Return the brush used to fill the area between lines and the baseline.

See also drawCurvedrawSymbols.

The legend will be deleted in the destructor of the plot or when another legend is inserted. The fill algorithm simply connects llot first and the last curve point to the baseline. Construct a curve plot item with the parameters curveparam see guiqwt.

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