Cerulean by Firedance28 reviews There were little moments when they were both on the bridge that would make Spock stop and catch his breath and they were what convinced him in the end. Kirk, Spock – Complete. T – English – Supernatural – Chapters: No copyright infringement is intended. Could contain slight BxB. Scatter Me Don’t Let Me Be by restfulsky5 reviews “Whatever happens, remember that it’s for your own good,” Gaila said with a pert lift to her chin. Will his heart heal with this new family? And he will search the whole world to find him.

It be fun he said! Live no longer and prosper no further by terig reviews Victory isn’t supposed to feel like this. Bas ek baar wapas aaja apni yaadein wapas le jane ke liye.. Spoilers for Into Darkness. The dreams filled with comforting warmth. Common Street Rat by AndurilofTolkien reviews Ace is an orphan living off the streets and his hometown is under the influence of a tyrant.

Missing, extended or changed scenes, including characters like Pike or Carol from time to time. Nothing will get in Luffy’s way.

Ripples in an Impossible Sea by regenengel3 reviews A single pebble makes hundreds of tiny waves and a butterfly’s wings can start a hurricane. It has robbed them of the singular person that they felt most loyal to. Some Things Never Change by LadyMeringue reviews No matter how circumstamces or fate may play its hand, some things never change.

And why nvember Ace suddenly He’s on his own until he hears a small child wailing in the forest.

Ranj-e-Ashnayi – Episode 1 | A Plus

Novemberr Strawhats have just stolen an incredible treasure, something beyond their belief, but then that treasure is stolen back from them, and Luffy’s not one to just let things go. Beyond] A collection of OS. His discovery is somewhat underwhelming as it is small enough to fit in his hand.


They resort to any means to keep themselves alive but when Luffy face a terrible predicament, in desperation the oldest brother, Ace decided to steal from an unsuspecting wanderer but unknown to him, his victim was part of the Whitebeard Pirates.

Alternate by RiverSakina reviews Alternate version of Forgotten. As pirates of possibly the strongest crew out there they roam the seas as free as the wind.

Try to write something new on DUO must read please. Remember to read and review. I love Taro so the ending will be quite different.

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The remaining two years of the Enterprise’s mission will be tough, but old and new friends will be there to help along the way. C est vrai, se souvint le second, il avait promis, mais la vie de Luffy passait avant cela.

Her parents didn’t have any mistake at all. Nothing to say more please peep inside Review are greatly appreciated! Living Legacy by LadyKarma18 reviews A different set of circumstances led to a very different demon king.

Will be guided by the Canon but different. A time-travel fix-it fic. Zoro ends up getting a bit episore attention than he was expecting.

There would be no failures this time around, Captain’s orders.

Punjabi Stage Drama: MKorning With Juggan Kazmi 21 november By PtvHome

Is my life worth anything? Of letting go and holding on. Fluff and Fire by rikuai12 reviews One year before Ace is supposed to leave Dawn Island, Luffy comes across a strange fruit that slightly changes his physiology.

Then the voices, then the storm and then the pirates. Agar tum saath ho by Srija reviews Opposite poles attract Then Luffy meets the Whitebeard Pirates and his little family rpisode three grows.


Moon Child – Rated: Who is this Asha Sanders? Zoro suffers from an unrequited love, or so he thinks. Zoro had sworn to never lose again, but episodd a victory more important than his first mate’s life?

And slowly, ASL becomes part of Whitebeard’s family Will he went to the Marineford alone? What would three brothers on an endless sea of impossible adventure do, if given the chance? T’hy’la by Horrorshow Jane reviews Kinkmeme fill: Two years ago by SwordsgirlJackie reviews After hearing a conversation between Zoro, Sanji and Nami, Luffy discovers the truth about what happened two years ago at thriller bark After beating up some bullies, he decides to take Luffy home.

A Tribute by daya’s angel reviews My tribute to all forces officers Sabo always read books that let him escape away, but he still yearned for true freedom.

Nothing like it has ever been experienced before and not a single person on crew thinks they will ever mourn this much again. No copyright infringement is intended. HUM hai toh kya ghum hai by Palak96 reviews this os is based on friday’s episode.

Although fatalities may be inevitable, this time, their Captain would not be one of them. However, some things are just meant to be, and shall come to happen, no matter what… Supernatural!

New things are happening, and no one is ready for what effect this has on Luffy, and everything around him. Chance Encounters by mangochi reviews What if Spock and Kirk had met before the trial, but neither of them realized it?