I briefly lost touch with my parents, as the state cut off all telephones and the internet. Be Dagh April 14, 20, 0. This was while protesters were being killed, maimed and blinded — and while the ambulances carrying them to hospitals were coming under fire from security forces. The hostility now appears to be total, unbridgeable, and for those on the receiving end, unbearable. With a hubris derived from its might and military dominion over Kashmir, the state convinces itself that it has the power to inflict blindness. In , an affecting photo essay by journalist Zahid Rafiq in the New York Times documented a few of the stories of those who had been blinded by pellets. Shararat April 14, 22, 0. In snatching away the vision of Kashmiri children, the Indian state has decisively announced that it has only one message:

November 28, July 1, An ophthalmologist at the main hospital in Kashmir told the Indian Express in July: Amid rising nationalist fervour, any sense of the basic rights of a suffering population has been eroded or vanished entirely. How did India get here? Aik Thi Misaal Episode Indian forces responded with lethal effect, firing bullets, CS gas, and metal pellets into the crowds.

Buoyed by a episore nationalist at the helm in Delhi, the security forces on the ground perhaps feel emboldened to unleash a more widespread cruelty. Are you the publisher? As the showers of metal pellets were unleashed upon protesters, bystanders and homebound schoolchildren, hospitals in Kashmir began to resemble scenes from the great wars of the 20th century.

Imagine the death toll! It onine quite clear that for India and its rulers, Kashmiris have been subjects and not citizens for as long as Kashmiris have refused Indian rule. They will certainly remember the country that did this to them.

O n 8 July, a militant rebel leader, Burhan Wani, was shot dead by Indian armed forces and police in a remote Kashmir village. On 18 September, a small group of jihadi fighters, widely believed to have come from Pakistan, staged a commando raid on an Indian army camp near the northern Kashmir town of Uri, killing 19 Indian soldiers — the deadliest attack on Indian security forces onlije Kashmir in two decades.


All of this was incomprehensible, even to longtime observers of violence in Kashmir.

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In the war of words that has followed the bloodshed in Uri, the brutal oppression of protest in Kashmir has been largely ignored. I remember that the war in those years taught us to treat corpses and shrouds as reminders of passing time, which was measured for the young in massacres and assassinations. To the contrary, ministers and police, and their demagogues and cheerleaders, have continued to advocate the use of both pellets and bullets against protesting crowds in Kashmir: This means that they sent, by one recent estimate, 1.

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As the uprising continued, the armed forces, eppisode their own admission, fired nearly 4, cartridges at stone-throwing demonstrators, crowds protesting against police brutality, and even onlookers. Meanwhile, an ugly war of words continued to escalate in TV news studios, some of which were refurbished as pop-up war rooms. The latest flare-up in the long-running war of attrition between the two countries comes on the heels of a bloody summer of protest and repression in Kashmir that has now been erased from memory by the banging of war drums in Delhi and Islamabad.

India’s crackdown in Kashmir: is this the world’s first mass blinding?

Not one of them deserved to be robbed of their sight. Chicken Fajita Macaroni and Cheese recipe read online and download in pdf format.

An ophthalmologist at the main hospital in Kashmir told the Indian Express in July: A tit-for-tat nearly every day, on TV, on social media, in ambassadorial rraqs — even in the realm of culture, where India has effectively banned Pakistani actors from working in Bollywood, and Pakistan has banned the screening of Indian films in cinemas. Topics The long read.


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I am student of C. Since July, when the killing of a young militant leader sparked a furious civilian uprising across the Kashmir valley, the Indian state has responded with singular ruthlessness, killing more than 90 people.

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Some 8, non-combatants are thought to have been disappeared, and 6, are believed to have episose buried in mass graves. Indian forces responded with lethal effect, firing bullets, CS gas, and metal pellets into the crowds.

But I was struck by its cavalier defence of state violence and brutalisation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce epsiode. Articles on this Page showing articles 61 to 80 of By 14 August, as India prepared to celebrate its Independence Day, Kashmir was under a near total blackout.

One prominent newspaper ran an online poll about the continued use of the pellets that had wounded and blinded so many Kashmiris — a clear majority voted in support.

As images from Kashmir began to circulate on the internet — despite frequent attempts to block communications, including at least one midnight raid on the offices of a local newspaper, and a blanket ban on one English daily, the Kashmir Reader — pictures of the wounded emerged by the dozen, many of them looking as though they had ruptured readinb where their eyes should have been.

In the slaughterhouse of the Kashmir valley, even the grievously injured — with pellet-scarred eyes or broken limbs — have remained defiant.