A photo posted by Christopher Uckermann christopheruck on Feb 29, at 4: Six young people who, despite their great differences, discover something that will unite them above all: His best friends and roommates are Diego and Tomas. In the last season, girls wear denim blue skirts with blue knee boots. He later gets his memory back during an RBD concert, ironically while Mia is singing a love song. Then Celina along with Vico, and Lujan make the band Citrus.

She is also a member of RBD. Sol later tries to steal away Celina’s love interest, Max and end her friendship with Mia. Mabel Bustamante 2 episodes, Fernanda de las Fuentes Marina and Mia become close. He leaves later on after a few episodes to go to another school after he received a letter to play in America a soccer team. A strict man, who always wants to win at all costs. She perfectly fits in the ‘scorned woman’ category, as she has a habit to get herself even in a drastic way when men cheat on her.

Consuelo 1 episode, Perroni has mafcelino to have success with her acting career. He falls in love with Roberta in the first season. Yolanda 1 episode, She is supported by her current love interest and fiancee, Franco Colucci, which brings her another dilemma, since Franco is Mia’s father who is very fond of Alma but jealous of the women who dates her father.

She helps Lola and other friends.

Spoiled and self-centered, she however can be very loyal, attentive and tender towards those she loves. He rebeldw she’s beneath him. But when Dante comes to her rescue they act like boyfriend and girlfriend as they walk away.

At the beginning, she is cold and ruthless especially towards Mia and her friendscausing her to pair up with the equally malicious Sol de la Riva and Raquel Byron. For other, see Rebelde disambiguation.

That is until we see her at the RBD marelino event. Rocco starts to make moves on Vico, stemming from Vico’s reputation of being “easy”, but later on, he falls for her for real. Franco marries Alma with his three daughters Jose, Roberta and Mia. Though it appears that her tone has changed as well. Their plan is a success but xast Anita moves, Tomas develops a deep relationship with Pilar.


Renata Lizaldi 2 episodes, She is ready for everything and she is finally ready to make love to him Althoug he is good at heart, His friends consider him a sellout, which splits Giovanni between his devotion to one woman and his fixation for expensive gifts.

This page was last edited on 9 Februaryat W School unless he agreed to leave Roberta alone. Derrick James A gothic rocker who has a crush on Lupita. Marina and Mia become rebellde.

Recently became Giovanni’s girlfriend and found love. Share rebrlde list of the highly notable Rebelde characters by clicking the Facebook or Twitter icons. Roberta finally admits that she did it because she loves him, and they make up for good. However, she finds comfort in her newfound friendship with Roberta, who is going through a similar marcelno patch with Diego and her mother.

She pretends to be his friend and after a heavy drinking session she makes him believe that they slept together and that she is pregnant although this presumably never happened, but is furthered due to Sabrina’s intention of blinding Miguel to her side and the fact that Miguel was drunk when the “cheat” occurred.

But she does care about him. Franco and Alma Rey often engage in heated discussions, since Franco despises the kind of ladies that Alma seems to represent Alma often calls Franco “cement face” when she gets angry at himbut as is usual in these cases, they end up falling in love.

Marina tells her about wanting to meet Mia. Extra 1 episode, They break up later, because Roberta thinks that he is back to his old ways.

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We’ve got the scoop on all the members of RBD: They hug and we learn that Leon does have a heart after castt. She overprotects her Roberta, although unlike Mia, Roberta is not very fond of her mom always getting cuddly around her and tends to shun her off. Victoria is Celina and Mia’s best friend.

He gets into a relationship with Agustina, a rich girl who gives Giovanni expensive gifts at the drop of a dime, wooing Giovanni to her feet. In Aprilhis personal life made headlines again after an arrest for alleged domestic violence against his partner, Ben Kruger. Best Young Lead Actor.


RBD: Where Are They Now?

Mia grew up without a mother, and when she is going through difficult times is when she needs one the most. A few days later he remembers his father thanks to Roberta, after a strong session of screams on her behalf and a long discussion, after he mistakenly says that Sabrina was the love of his life instead of Mia. In the end he is taken out of Elite Way because of his father. The show started in October and really helped shape the careers of some of the biggest telenovela stars.

Ana 2 episodes, When his marclino died in prison, Gaston was forced to look after Jose Lujan and see to her tuition as per his father’s last rebeld. He eventually does during one of her daily visits to him but, as a consequence of his coma, he has memory problems and can only remember he has a girlfriend.

Leonardo protects Celina from Rocco. Lupita’s Aunt and worked in the cafeteria of the Elite Marelino School, until Font fired her for no apparent reason. Lupita’s mother doesn’t like this because she thinks Mayra is a bad example for Lupita, but Lupita loves her for being there when she most needed her.

After Tomas starts dating Sol, Anita refuses to do homework assignments for Diego and Giovanni, since she is no longer friends with Tomas and has no other connection to them. Herself 1 episode, Zadkiel Garza Thankfully he and his face are fine. At the end of the third season, Sol appears in a magazine and her father is furious and enrolls her in a public school.

Many plotlines follow her love life, which mostly concerns her and Miguel’s star-crossed love but also includes a relationship with a prefect.