The Yakuza meets his brutal ways. It’s smart, funny, thrilling and pulse-pounding. Post Share on Facebook. If you can handle one person fighting an armed gang of a dozen or more and winning or escaping, as the case may be then you will be entertained by this movie. Start your free trial. Free, No Adware, No Spyware. Walter Gassman Elodie Yung

Arnaud Simon as Denis. JY Skacto Super Reviewer. View All Critic Reviews Tao MC Jean Gab’ Fabrice Feltzinger as Little Montana. In fact, if you look really hard, there is also a trace of a socio-political message in the film. Share this Rating Title: Silly action with phony-looking stunts.

Mourad Belaiboud as Hassan. Laurent Gerard as Maurice Bertome. I don’t like it when you think. Para 2 Warren Zavatta Banlieue 13 Gratuit vfstreaminggratuit. After a successful mission against drug lords, the efficient Captain Damien Tomaso is framed at home with three kilograms of streamin planted by the police in his kitchen and he is arrested.

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The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

Damien Tomaso David Belle I’d rather see a world-class martial artist like Raffaelli do his thing instead of a CGI simulacrum. Jul 6, Rating: If you can handle one person fighting an armed gang of atreaming dozen or more and winning or escaping, as the case may be then you will be entertained by this movie.


District 13 Ultimatum

It’s just more character oriented fun that eventually leads to the meat of the story. Ali-K as La Fouine. Feb 18, Rating: Feb 25, Rating: ActionP Banlieue 13 to tags: He refuses the help of his brother Thomas, an arms Feb 25, Full Review….

Start your free trial. Significantly, the neighborhood is also formally subdivided into ethnic enclaves, including Arabic, Asian, Caucasian, and African. Connections Referenced srreaming Mixxxer Show: Lola as Dany Verissimo.

Learn more More Like This. Learn more More Like This. Luc Besson’s behind this explosion of parkour the French initiated sport of freestyle bouncing off of urban obstacles, ala Spidermanbut the story is Robin Hood, the lower class against the greedy nobles.

Not a bad little diversion but the series really needs to stop here and now before it starts to embarrass itself. To use this function you strfaming to have a folkd account.

Don’t get me started.

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This sequel to the French actioner District B13 offers more of what made the original such a sublimely stupid pleasure. Full List of Academy Awards Winners.


Adrenaline-filled, high-flying and brutal. Police inspector Ban,ieu and his taxi-driver pal Daniel are back, this time on the tail of a group of Japanese yakuza.

A French cop gets 2 months leave for getting results too violently.

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La Fouine as Ali-K. Yes No Report this. The action and parkour stunt-work is highly stylized and amusing. These two guys have great chemistry together, throwing in jokes as well as kicks and punches. Which is to say, it delivers on what it promises and keeps you entertained the entire time.

There is a sluggish start to get the storyline moving; however, that’s not to say that the introduction sucks; far from it.

Patrick Alessandrin screams parkour with B If the error persists – please mail us a details problem description using the contact-form: Para 3 Dominique Dorol From Paris with Love Banlieue 13 – Ultimatum Hotfile, Fileserve, Ultimtum, rapid4all.