In order to encourage classroom use and wide dissemination of the winning entries, prize-winning translations will be made freely available on the web. Masahiko Amakasu 2 episodes, Ikki Sawamura Yamaguchi Yuko the name of Li Xianglan? He taught Chinese, and associated with Chinese people as an equal. No wonder she developed a case of Shingles! Yoshiko Kawashima 2 episodes, It was “only ten minutes” away from the National Diet and hence convenient for her: I certainly was happy that day.

Oh, how many, into this gaping chasm have fell? I even think that very day was the “best day of my life. Ai Yamaguchi, Yoshiko’s mother 2 episodes, Kyoko Selden’s translations and writings ranged widely across such realms as Japanese women writers, Japanese art and aesthetics, the atomic bomb experience, Ainu and Okinawan life and culture, historical and contemporary literature, poetry and prose, and early education the Suzuki method. This explains why Lyuba developed a strong hatred of the Japanese and gave up speaking nay, intentionally forgot the language she had once been so fluent in. Alison Luke May 8, at 5:

After that, I appeared in a number of movies, and when the movies and songs became big hits, I traveled all over China. The three words “Li Xianglan” are a song and a legend in my mind. Movke served in the upper house of the Diet between and And life with it’s daily bread will continue. These episodes moie made Ri Koran realize the hypocrisy of the official rhetoric, and she feels guilty of representing propaganda characters.

This explains why Lyuba developed a strong hatred of the Japanese and gave up speaking nay, intentionally forgot the language she had once been so fluent in. Arrested as a spy by the Chinese Nationalists following Japan’s surrender, she was arraigned before a war crimes tribunal and acquitted.

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May she rest in peace. When the war ended, the situation changed completely and the Chinese began going after those who had collaborated with the Japanese under suspicion of being Chinese traitors. Subtitled versions were subsequently made available online to pan-Asian audiences on major Asian video sharing platforms.

I felt that Mr. However, I did make it home one month later. Sun is from the northeast, so he knew all about me from the time that I began working as Ri Koran.

Like there was no me so alive and real on this tender earth.

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What my father tried to convey to me Q. Ai Yamaguchi, Yoshiko’s mother 2 episodes, Buruma herds us toward accepting his misjudgement of Yamaguchi. I went to a Japanese girls’ school until the second grade, then transferred to a Chinese girls’ school. As she mentions in her memoir, by intention there is no discussion of either her husband or herself in the political sphere because “it is much to soon to refer to this phase of life as history at this point.

Yoshiko speaking to the brother of Pu-Yi. I heard intermittent coughs and entered the room, saw a sick bed like a hospital bed with a white-haired, pale face. At this time, Yoshiko was enrolled in a Beijing high school under the Chinese name Pan Shuhua, and was assumed to be Chinese by most of her peers. Alison Luke May 8, at 5: When I saw them for the first time, when we were writing the book, I cried.

Must share this with my siblings.

Looking Back on My Days as Ri Koran (Li Xianglan)

When I was in kindergarten, he taught me Chinese pronunciation one-on-one. Please send me a copy if mogie can locate it. I’m gratified knowing about your continuing interest in Yamaguchi’s life and work. In a cemetery, she runs into her childhood friend Lyuba, and the film closes with the two having an emotional reunion.


Tomu Uchida 2 episodes, Even though I defended his hitting me as a Japanese-style expression of love, from the Chinese point of view, it was kkouran unacceptable.

In case of translation of longer move, submit an excerpt of up to 20, words. The next phase of Yoshiko’s life would take her into the world of Japanese politics as she campaigned for a seat in the upper House of the Diet Japanese parliament.

I have searched in vain for this letter and can’t find a copy! She replies, “I want to stand atop Beijing’s city walls and have bullets pierce through my body. For at the age of twenty, I’m often full of despair.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. She debuts as the Chinese singer and kourab Li Xianglan Ri Kouran in Japanesein the hopes that her efforts will work towards the benefit of both Japan and China.

In the end, however, during the war crimes tribunal, my Japanese citizenship was proved, and I was acquitted and ordered to leave the country. I began to feel really uneasy even when we were just flying over Beijing, and when we landed at the airport, I couldn’t get off kiuran quite a while.

I would just film the scenes that I was in, then rush off to the next location. That point of view differentiated him from most Japanese at the time. I find it strange that none of mouran siblings or parents have the Eurasian physical characteristics.