You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. The Story of Saiunkoku. In the epilogue, Rin gives birth to Tajimamori’s son and continues living in Apos’ castle with Mimi and Mishio. After impregnating Rin, he is killed by Apos, who is himself locked away in the roots of the Yggdrasil. After Mishio asks Teruki about Rin, he finds her but decides that it’s better for her painful memories not to return and avoids contact. Attracted by the explosion, he finds Rin’s mutilated body and is visibly shaken by witnessing her regenerate.

Holy Nights Don’t Shine Brightly. Carmen Calvell as Sayara Yamanobe Spain dub. Grant James as Masagoro Kitai ep 3. Rin boards the plane as it takes off, only to find Kamiyama shot by android Ruon. Ruon is revealed to have manipulated the military to get Teruki, the only person she cares about. This is a sweet and romantic tale that works well even for audiences new to yuri.

The animation was handled by Xebecbut planning and production was shared with Gencothat also had a part in the original concept creation. If a Time Fruit enters a female, she becomes Immortal.

Daisuke Matsubara daughers Researcher A ep 3. Retrieved from ” https: Mark Stoddard as Interrogator fubbed 2. Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: After impregnating Rin, he is killed by Apos, who is himself locked away in the roots of the Yggdrasil. Rin is tortured to death by the sadistic chief researcher Sayara Yamanobe, while Koki is revealed to be a runaway cloning test subject. Both were composed and performed by the Japanese metal band Galneryus.

Shandra Schadt as Mishio Maeno. Dirk Meyer as Teruki Maeno ep 4. Carly Hunter Justin Cook. Retrieved June 30, Tamotsu calls to tell the flight number that Teruki is on but is fatally shot by a sniper.


Rumi Kasahara as Female Informant ep 2. Mie Sonozaki as Youko Todoroki ep 3. Retrieved August epizode, Clarine Harp as Laura.

Archived from the original on March 24, Each episode is 45 minutes long. Kamogawa Days Maken-ki!

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Lauryn Clarkson as Yoshie Shimizu Daughtere ep 3. Dana Schultes as Ronat Claudel ep 5. Koki, after becoming an Angel, sacrifices himself to save Rin and Japan. Cristal Media Spain dub. He criticized the amount of violence and sex that resulted in exhaustion and unpleasantness that led to “the whole trashy appeal”. She is often being hunted down by an assassin named Laura who was hired by Apos, an angel who persecutes immortals and is the current guardian of the Yggdrasil.

Gino Palencia Senior Video Editor: Wendy Powell as Informant ep 3. Buckley Xavier as Concierge ep 1 J. Zac Bertschy from Anime News Network regards Mnemosyne mnemosyen a “totally edgy anime for adults” that he felt “like halfway-decent dark erotica” that presents mnemoeyne unique ideas for the plot.

Michael Tatum as Ihika eps He carries Rin away from the ship to safety, thanking her for his life and kissing her goodbye. No companies available Credits: Benedikt Weber as Kouki Maeno.

Bradley Campbell as Professor ep 5. Flowers Don’t Shed Tears. In the Nihon shoki [ sic ] record of Emperor Suinin that world was said to be the ‘Land of No Aging and No Death’, and the emperor is said to have dispatched a certain Tajimamori there with the order of bringing back that land’s aromatic fruit of immortality actually a mandarin orange. Christoph Jablonka as Tachimamori.

Adrian Cook Post-Production Assistant: That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do it justice. As the compromised facility is demolished by Aoyama Pharmaceutical, Rin escapes with Koki and hands him a gun, for him to mnemoysne what he wants to do with his life. Callie McHalen as Nao ep 5. Daniel Mancilla Jeremy Jimenez Subtitling: Shelf Life – Chaos Theory Jan 23, Miraculously, Rin survives, completely episodr of her injuries, and confronts Yamanobe, leaving her in the hands of other delirious test subjects.


Daniel Mancilla Jeremy Jimenez.

Rin – Daughter of Mnemosyne

She also reveals that angels are natural enemies of immortal women like herself: Luci Christian as Mishio Maeno. Christopher Bevins as Tamotsu Yanagihara.

Monica Rial as Sayara Yamanobe. Rebecca Silverman digs in. One year after the Aoyama Pharmaceutical incident, Rin is hired to track down a rare postage stamp and visits an old homeless man she calls “Professor” to gather information on it.

Views Read Edit View history. In the meantime, several people including Rin’s client are murdered and before long, she confirms that Yuki’s brother turned into an “angel” due to contact with time fruit and committed the recent murders as acts of revenge. He then returns to devour Sayara but Apos arrives to remove both their time fruits, killing them instantly.

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