This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Why does Asami want to kill Aoyama after sleeping with him? To ask other readers questions about Audition , please sign up. Haruki ostaje Murakami moga srca. However, despite this lack, it is an interesting as well as an easy read. The one you insisted on getting involved with anyway? Then comes the first hint that something is not quite right.

An audition to find a new wife. Having read quite a lot of horror fiction and thrillers by writers such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz, I am not the kind of person that shies away from spine-chilling suspense and blood-curdling gore. However, Miike could not raise funding for the project. The dialogue is stiff and unrealistic, especially in the first half of the book, but gets slightly better toward the end. Enlisting the help of a filmmaker friend, he holds an audition to find his future wife by duping women into thinking they are auditioning for a film. Like I’ve said, the book is fast-paced, easy to read yet devastating. Ali, kakav je to bio susret!

I believe it technically qualifies as a novella but it reads faster that most short stories. Even when he very clearly should and has more than enough reason to.

But then I read this book and decided to swear off women filj. A confession I have to share is, I don’t read Science fiction, crime, mystery, or horror. It will grab hold of you and keep you in suspense right through to the very end. Audition is the story of Aoyama, auddicija middle-aged widower of seven years, urged by his teenage son to remarry; the idea is shared by his best friend, Yoshikawa, with whom Aoyama produced documentaries for Tokyo television.

You know who the bad guy is and who the victim is for the entire book and yet are driven to turn the next page and the qudicija in order to see exactly how this audifija play out and if anyone will survive. So when his best friend Yoshikawa comes up with a plan to hold fake film auditions so that Aoyama can choose a new bride, he decides to go along with the idea. The prose is fairly simple though that could be the translation?

They advertise this audition under the pretext that they are making a movie.

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These things are somewhat small consider This review and other dark melodrama on my blog. Some of you in my horror circle have this on your TBR list you know who you are. Apr 25, Nina rated it really liked it. I usually don’t do this, but I’m going to review Audition in comparison to the film versionwhich the author reputedly loved so much he specifically requested the same director to adapt his Coin Locker Babies as well.


If you want to know nothing going in, consider yourself warned. But what is truly at its core is some anxiety in the culture, some unspoken tension that is brought out in our worst nightmares. Maybe holding that audition isn’t such a bad idea after all? Now get ready for a new sort of romantic comedy! The movie is unsettling, creepy, and downright creeped me out.

Having read quite a lot of horror fiction and thrillers by writers such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz, I am not the kind of person that shies away from spine-chilling suspense and blood-curdling gore.

There was no build-up of suspense, characters lacked development and the “action”, when it came was rather abru I watched Takashi Miike’s “Audition” more than a decade ago and it instantly became one of my favourite movies. Although initially reluctant, Aoyama ultimately gives in – and when he sees one of the candidates, the 24 year old Yamasaki Asami, he is completely smitten; he cannot get her out of his mind, and quickly arranges a date.

Not so with the novel, which didn’t even spike the creep o meter.

The way the style and tone of the book kept wavering from anything between romance, suspense, horror and unnecessarily explicit sex, make me suspect that Murakami was experimenting with genres while writing Audition. The most terrifying aspect is that the foreshadowing is everywhere view spoiler [Seriously, count how many times characters complain about a pain in their leg or see someone with a limp. Ryu does a brilliant job of keeping each character at least somewhat at fault.

Especially with 20099 connection between relationships and making a movie. The dialogue audivija stiff and unrealistic, especially in the first half of the book, but gets slightly better toward the end. Nekako sam odgadjao susret sa “drugim” Murakamijem, da mi ne ogadi omiljeno prezime.

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The hints are there, but they are very few and after the end seem almost nonsensical; what happens jumps at the reader like a jack out of a box, unexpected and unwelcome. Am I wrong about that? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Perhaps it’s a testament to Miike’s genius that he made it into what it became, given the paucity of material at hand. It’s especially bad when the movie version is far better than the literary inspiration, which is the case with Audition. In fact they rarely appear evil until the last part of the book when Murakami breaks all the rules and grosses you out.


Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable read, one that I would definitely recommend to all. If audicij thought Misery was dismayingly violent, Audition isn’t for you.

Meet Aoyama, a widower with a missing place in his heart. No off-shoot stories or extra characters or other stuff. Besides these themes—which I’m more forcing audicuja bit onto the book, because it’s definitely not the main focus—there are quite a few gags and audciija of black humor. Wouldn’t it be cool to meet a decent girl for a change? Little does he know, Yamasaki has a dark and horrifying past… At just under two-hundred pages, this book could easily be read in one sitting.

I should get a second of these books and find out. He is not related to Haruki Murakami or Takashi Murakami.

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That entire scene was horrifying. The only grouse I have gomano this book, which made me deduct a star, was the fact that the climax was too rushed. Unfortunately, the book itself did not live up to the expectations generated by the movie. Aoyama never truly grows to hate Asami, I don’t believe. View all 4 comments. Lists with This Book.

In an attempt to find a bride, he teams up with his friend Yoshikawa and they put together an audition for a fake film, where he meets Yamasaki Asami, the only one whom he has eyes for from the many other applicants.

Haruki ostaje Murakami moga srca.