The man fired once more and Andy cried out as the bullet seared her left shoulder. Next Big Brother Spoilers: Besides, Marlo was innocent. The pain in her arm was worse than she expected and made it difficult to concentrate. List of Rookie Blue episodes. She dove behind the sofa. They realize then that someone is out for revenge against 15 Division. Archived from the original PDF on September 21,

Andy and Marlo have an out of control drug arrest, which leads to the discovery of a deadly bacteria in the drugs, which turns into a city wide outbreak, which Sam tries to control. Her shot went wide to the left hitting the living room window shattering it. She fought against the pain as she returned fire. Andy is with Nick. Her biggest concern is how much do people at the station know about what happened. Retrieved August 9,

Your review has been posted. Retrieved September 14, Nick knows everything about what happened. I immediately feel sorry for Andy because Chloe is back rpokie being super annoying in her quest to find out if Nick and Andy are sleeping together.

His identity was concealed by his dark clothing and ski mask. Trust me, it happens! Andy reached the back door and found it was already open.


Rookie Blue Clips

No blhe deserves to be shot though — I just said to muzzle her. Arriving at the Tudor style house Andy and Nick got out of the car.

In yet another car scene, Oliver and Gail are out together. Yeah, it kind of does. I wrote at length about this last week, but Andy is really trying to define herself.

Rookie Blue 4×12, Recap/Review for “Under Fire” – It’s Not Just By Bullets

Meanwhile, Frank has a surprise for Noelle. I should feel worse that Chloe got shot. Nick groaned sfason exchanged a glance with Andy. She just lets Chloe rattle on until being interrupted by a call from dispatch. We really worked on them, word by word, to make sure they were authentic and that the actors believed them.

Andy glanced up at Sam Swarek’s familiar voice. List of Rookie Blue episodes. When someone is babbling in shock there are two ways to snap them out of it. Retrieved 26 May Marlo’s secret gets out. The Verdict Is In — Plus: The first is to slap them, the second is to kiss them…Gail opts for the latter.

Can Spencer Win The Game? We knew that Santana was going to be involved with this and he was going to have an inside man. The assailant attacking Rooiie released him and started to leave. Meanwhile, Dov discovers his rooke night stand is actually a fellow police officer—a new transfer and Frank’s goddaughter, S;oilers Price—who he ends up working with when 15 Division has to deal with chasing down a burglar with a unique MO.


Chloe makes an observation that may change the dynamic among the rookies. Andy has to learn to work with a new partner, Officer Marlo Cruz, who also happens to be Sam’s new girlfriend. The intruder by the stairs raised xpoilers gun and fired at Andy. She makes the case to Callaghan and Swarek. TV By The Numbers. The six months Nick had been dating Andy had flown by in a flash.

Often in these scenes it comes off as very staged and the actor does too much to convey shock and pain. Gail gets a break though, because dispatch breaks in with another call.

Unfortunately, Holly is there to meet another woman.