Full Cast and Crew. X Join the mailing list Separate from membership , this is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. Ray Parfitt Rebecca Sarker It was created by Brian Eastman to entertain his wife, Christabel Albery, who is an avid gardener. Racquet Espanol – S3 – E7. Mistakes All mistakes All mistakes in this episode 1 audio problem in this episode 1 character mistake in this episode 10 continuity mistakes in this episode 2 other mistakes in this episode Exclude mistake type Order by popularity Order chronologically.

Rosemary and Laura, having become close friends and opting to work together, find themselves enlisted by an ageing rock star, Nev Connolly, who wishes for the grounds of his newly-bought mansion, Compton Lacey, to be renovated. Eva Bryant Miranda Foster At Villa Glavany, in the French Riviera , Rosemary and Laura are helping their friend Dorothy prepare the villa’s year-old gardens for a public opening, despite opposition from her neighbour, James Pretty, who will stop at nothing to ensure that this will not happen. Season 3 Episodes See All. The show was directed by Brian Farnham 10 episodes, — , Simon Langton 8 episodes, — , and Tom Clegg 3 episodes, It is a shame that it didn’t last longer because it deserved to. Oscar-nominee Kevin Feige gives an update on the next stage of the MCU and when we can expect to hear some concrete details.

In the beginning, Rosemary is riding on the back of a motor scooter. While trying to sort out the problem, the gardeners racquef shocked when they find the body of Donald Westward under a collapsed branch, with his garden savaged.

Racquet Espanol – S3 – E7 Character mistake: However, things turn sour when Simon Todd, the geography master, is found dead in some undergrowth the next day, killed by a harpoon fired from the headmaster’s prized harpoon gun. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A number of the players are named after characters in the Sexton Blake canon.

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While restoring a churchyard for an upcoming fayre for racquey local vicar, whom Rosemary and Laura befriend, the pair are shocked to come across the body of a local man next to an ancient yew tree where they are working. The two gardeners find themselves travelling to a mansion-turned-health spa, owned by the Caldecott family, to help restore a grand water cascade with the spa’s grounds.


When the girls are loading the truck with plants for the second time, they are told that the big palm tree will be delivered tomorrow. X Join the mailing list Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases.

The suspects are many for the man’s murder, in which he was impaled by an arrow, leaving the gardners no choice but to save the day Rosemary is delighted to be working on the garden of an open-air theatre with Laura, as her cousin Charles is an actor preparing for his role in an amateur production. A new menu and more – thoughts welcome The show was directed by Brian Farnham 10 episodes, —Simon Langton 8 episodes, —and Tom Clegg 3 episodes, By the time that shooting was rescheduled, some actors were otherwise committed, and the ITV Castt Centre was left with no option but to cancel filming for a fourth series.

But during rehearsals, one of the actors is suddenly killed by a prop gun, which police discover had been loaded with live ammo instead of blanks. As they try to work out who wanted him dead, Rosemary is surprised to learn that the professor left her with a notable fortune in his will Racquet Espanol – S3 – E7 Audio problem: Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris are simply great, individually and as a sparkling double act, love Kendal’s fire and feistiness and Ferris’ more restrained and thoughtful approach.

Rosemary Boxer Felicity Kendal: Abuse of the TV. Full Cast and Crew. Audible Download Audio Books. When another student turns up dead on the college grounds, and a ceremonial knife is found in her possession, the two gardeners discover that the second victim was highly religious and knew something about the killer Laura’s son Matthew is on holiday at a tennis camp in southern Spain owned by Ray Parfitt, while Laura and Rosemary are working at the camp to create a trophy garden for Ray’s pro-am tournament.

The perpetrator and motive weren’t hugely surprising to ahd but it’s explained well and the climax thyke quite enthralling. Laura is stunned to find Rosemary alive and at her mother’s, after a news report announced that she had been shot dead in Engleton Park. Contributors Become a contributor.


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Karen Fletcher Philip York In order to re-organize the seed collection of famous botanist, Edwin Pargeter, Rosemary and Laura are called in by the current generation of Pargeters to help with the task.

Visually, “Racquet Espagnol” looks wonderful, beautifully photographed, vibrant in colour and as always with the show with a stunning setting, have always been envious of the gardens seen on the show. Separate from membershipthis is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. Their task is daunting, and it’s not helped when a mysterious Chilean man is found dead in the back garden of the Pargeters’ house. When the girls walk into the palm shop, Rosemary’s sleeves are rolled down to the wrists, but, a second later, just as she gets a large spider on her arm, her sleeves are rolled up to the elbows, so now the spider can bite her.

At first, there’s no-one near the pool, but, in the next shot, there are people dangling their feet in the water and a man asking Ray for the papers, plus more. The girls are driving when they see Karen driving the van Martina.

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When Bobby approaches Ray about money, as he comes down thymme stairs she has a bag over her right shoulder, but in the next shot the bag is gone.

Who was the Episode MVP? Written by Nadia Nassar. Best Rosemary and Thyme Episodes. When gardens in the village of Rowfield are struck by rafquet mysterious blight, Rosemary and Laura find themselves hired by a member of the Rowfield Garden Open Day scheme to rectify the problem. While the pair try to find a source of water they need for the garden, they don’t expect to find murder when they come across the body of a young woman in the hills, who had been pushed to her death