Ruff incinerates his daily ration of kibble in the Fetch but then discovers he’s out of Chinese food. Ruff inherits Ruffman Manor, but it is haunted by Maximilian Ruffman. They arrive at the Museum of Science to discover that the star is the sun and that they’re about to blast off on an amazing space race. Then, they build a physical model to try out their ideas for a Hawaiian themed roller coaster. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Meanwhile, Brian and Sterling stayed in Studio G. The series ends with Ruff Ruffman’s farewell song.

Nina learns the art of writing poetry and then must compete in a poetry slam competition! Besides Marc from season 5, go look at notes for season 5 Rosario has been the only FETCHer who has guest starred on a different season. Ruff calls his friend Crush, the sea turtle from Disney – Pixar Finding Nemo , who tells him that his turtle friends are in trouble. Good thing Ruff has found stars for the video he’s sure Taylor, Brian, and Noah will recognize-their grandparents! So he sends Marco to an elephant sanctuary to learn how to care for elephants, and has Marc and Rubye learn to skydive indoors. Ruff’s owner has rediscovered the joys of playing fetch with her dog.

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Rounds ruffmn physical challenges, a building challenge in which Rosario, Bridget, Willie, and Mike must engineer a device that can “catch” a watermelon without breaking it, and a trivia challenge that pits Willie and Mike against one another recalling science facts, solving word scrambles, and identifying details from previous challenges.

Retrieved July 30, He sends the contestants to figure out how to break into the Purrss HQ, which is in a water park.


Ruff’s cousin Bluff Ruffman is about to send a gaggle of mysterious animals to the doghouse. It turns out that Ruff has two phobias: Add Image S5, Ep1. Meanwhile, Brian and Taylor stayed in Studio G.

Season 5, Episode 6 October 12, Meanwhile, Liza and Bethany stayed in Studio G. Retrieved August 17, Meanwhile, instead of dismantling the security system. Meanwhile, Anna and Julia stayed in Studio G. The first episode of Season 4 is an all-animated adventure! Season 5, Episode 9 October 18, All of the Cat Grooming shows are competing with Ruff’s ratings and he’s desperate to find the mythical Helmet of Victory that will reverse his fortunes.

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So he sends the six contestants to see whether it’s safe for him to call it home. To kick-off his new business venture, Ruff sends Talia out to become a deckhand on a shrimp boat, while Bethany, Brian, and Isaac learn how to drive racecars.

Chet has gone on a cheese craze, replacing everything in the doghouse including the furniture with cheese. Dressed as Colonists, the cast members abandon their video games and cell phones for log sawing, oven starting, jaw harping, goat tending, and lessons in Colonial life. Inspiring Ruff to send Emmie on a cheese-themed challenge. He also sends Marc and Shreya to meet with a hand model due to a misunderstanding between the word “Hands” and the name “Hans.

Ruff sends Marco and Shreya to Florida to learn about turtles and help turtle hatchlings on the beach.

Julia becomes the pit crew chief for a professional junior go karter, and Taylor trains sea lions at the New England Aquarium! TV Shows Shows Watched. Ruff has lined up an “easily recognizable” major pop star for today’s challenge-producing and directing a music video. Through this game he’s somehow gotten into the Go Get It mainframe computer, and discovers that they’re hunting for something called The Golden Fetchie Because her friends are getting married, she sends Rubye and Jay to make a bear-proof picnic basket, which she wants to give as a wedding gift.


Ruff wants to make a recent dreamin which he was flying with an elephantcome true. Willie learns about how the dolphin’s anatomy and physiology are adapted to an aquatic environment. In the Season 5 finale, Ruff learns that Purrs, the group behind “Go Get It,” is plotting to brainwash everyone into thinking they’re felinesand that it’s responsible for his parents’ disappearance.

To help him figure out how to act without making a sound, he rufff Emmie and Marc to meet some mimes and learn about miming. Add Image S5, Ruuff.

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He also sends Marc spisodes Shreya to meet with a hand model due to a misunderstanding between the word “Hands” and the name “Hans. So Ruff sends Brian, Episodds, and Talia to meet with a bicycle expert and physics professor. It turns out that Ruff has two phobias: Meanwhile, Sterling and Isaac stayed in Studio G.

Ruff’s cameradog, Tank, is not the most reliable employee in the world, and Ruff is looking for his replacement.

He also assigns Jay and Marco a difficult task: This is a list of episodes of the PBS children’s television show Fetch! Unfortunately, shortly after selecting his intrepid kids, Ruff loses them on the way to Studio G!