I’ll cover them with hair. Auto Selection English Italian. I know a lot of white people are nervous about flying nowadays I understand to a certain degree, but I had one white guy “No, man. And then a few months ago, I was in D. There’s so many different types of Asians. That’s when they embarrass you.

And I used to think Sukhdeep was the funniest Indian name I’ve ever heard. Do you know Indian history at all? They’re like “Alright, come on in, immigrants. Then you get in that group. John, come here and show Tito Ray your songs What’s your name, buddy? I sat down, the guy goes like this [Breathing nervously] About half an hour into the flight, I reached for my bag, the guy goes “Oh my God!

That’s- I saw all the Honda Civics in the parking lot. And they were playing it really loud. The security at the airport, the Custom, Immigration, they really need to learn the difference between a terrorist and an Indian. I met an Indian dude, and you know this is a real name, cause he was one of russsll people.

The money in Vietnam is dope.

I don’t know what he is And this is probably the last time I’m gonna do this joke, ’cause I’m retiring it after this. Cultural names are really cool, you know.

That would make his name Prabh-fuck That’s what his name would have been.


But if you really want to learn the differences between different Asian groups. Where are you at? You have a problem with my name? So they’re from obviously a Cantonese part of mainland China, see?

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Download russell peters with our fresh torrent search engine. And ousourced British are so pissed off that we’re there. See, even white people do it. You guys crossed the line with the names as well. Invalid login Forgot Password? But if you’re gonna be, if you’re gonna have a cultural name, and you’re gonna move from another country to America, think about what that name means in English before you move here.

Report Movie, Movie is in wrong subritles Can you. We’re coming with you That’s- [Indian accent] “Anit Patel English subtitles for Russell Peters: You know what I mean? I can tell you there’s no Indian history. I don’t know what the hell you’re speaking right now. But I know that it’s going to take them 22 minutes to get here I know what outsoured thinking.

What’s your name, Mr.

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What if Hardik and Sukhdeep became best friends? You know what sucked, though, when I went to China? Let subtitless tell you what happens to my people. They’re not very convincing people, you know? This is their way of fighting terrorism. You can look at it and go “That’s black American culture.


I’ll give you an example. Your little plan almost got me killed! It’s worth going there just to have a woman you don’t know walk up and go “Excuse me, sir But I remember, when I was 14, I’d be out there all day.

So She’s like “Eh! I’m subtitlee gonna say who Because when- when white kids hang around non-white kids, we tend to look at them for advice.

And then there’s the song that I believe is like the white- the white people’s national anthem, you know? Watch videos with subtitles in your language, upload your videos, create your own subtitles!

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That’s– Peetrs know, you should draw the line somewhere before that. You brought people in from Africa and fucked them over. All the Asians are Chinese.

Not in your life.