In this episode we are joined by Jessa to discuss the power of names for role play and immersion. Want to add to the discussion? In part two of this two part series, Stu and Matt continue their discussion of the Epicosity framework and talk about specific techniques and mod you can use to transform your play-through into an adventure in the style of a “High Fantasy” story. This episode is all about the character background. Thank you so much i randomly clicked on this thread and your comment brought to me a great series. Log in or sign up in seconds. I don’t remember what season it is but the Let’s Play Skyrim Again series sith his character Richard is my favorite.

Bastards and Poets – Interview with GamerPoets. In an effort to help viewers review the events of the past, Stu has put together an episode guide highlighting the most important points in the story. In this episode we spend some time catching up with Darkfox There is his Youtube channel: It’s like watching a tv show. Can’t think of anything funny to say; so take care and see you all soon. Jessa has been crafting a story based Skyrim role play for three years! Glory of Story with Dave Cravens.

Skyrim SE: Permadeath | Seeking Sovngarde #2 “First Blood” – Rycon Roleplays :: Let’s Play Index

In episode 26 we welcome Cal from Dirty Weasel to talk about game performance and immersion. In this episode we discuss the rituals we can create that bring our characters and role play experience to life.

In this episode we talk to Michael from Skyrim Addict Podcast! So, listen in as we talk about the basics of using mods, installing mods using mod organizerand some of the pitfalls to watch out for. Some new ideas, how to build them and ways to play them. Create Your Own Side Quest. The model focuses rolplays character conflict at the personal, interpersonal and societal levels.


Join us in celebrating the arrival of this long awaited epic Skyrim story! He also has one of the few LPs of The Witcher 3 that tries to stay true to the books in terms of how to play Geralt.

Submit a new text post. In this episode the guys discuss the concept seazon Character Conflict as a method for defining character traits, motivations, wants and needs.

That post was intended as a joke. This level of empathy promotes the deepest levels of role play. I probably won’t come back here ever again. Warning 6 do not use the thumbs down option when you disagree with an opinion. In this episode we are joined by Jessa to discuss the power of names for role play and immersion.

They are joined by Caleb Merrick. Questions from the Crusader Mailbag. Rycon of Rycon Roleplays joins us in this episode.

If you read the comments on Rycon’s channel then you probably know that I make stupid comments on his videos. In an s,yrim to help viewers review the events of the past, Stu has put together an episode guide highlighting the most important points in the story. Don’t forget to tell any friends that like Rycon’s videos about this place: Make sure content you submit is broadly interesting, not spammy, and contributes directly to the community.

Skyrim SE: Permadeath | Seeking Sovngarde #2 “First Blood”

Traffic Stats for the Subreddit: In this episode we discuss how to use dice and Story Cubes to add interest and mystery to Skyrim game experience. In this episode the guys talk about writing character vignettes as backgrounds and the power of creative writing to express the personality of our characters.


Find out how he got started, his methods, and more! In this episode Stu, Joe and Matt discuss St. Shirley Curry takes some time roelplays visit with the Crusaders!

Eoleplays is the Official community subreddit for RyconRoleplays, the voice of characters like Leon Aventus of Skyrim, where people can come together and talk about Rycon and his videos or just common interests. I can also vouch for Gopher, he and GamerPoets are my favorite, sfason they are pretty different from each other.

Listen in and find out the thought, ideas and concepts that go into build one the CWTVs carefully crafted story experiences. Yeah, I’d say start with Richard the Librarian. Role Play with Rycon.


It’s hard for me to tell when someone is serious or not on the internet in text. He has a wonderful voice to rycln to, he narrates in character, makes decisions in game based on the characters motivations, not just to get the best outcome,and he’s extremely funny.

In this episode we explore archetypes for dark evil characters. The Gentlemen Bastards get back to basics! Skrim of Character Conflict. The Power of Names. So, listen in as we discuss the many creative approaches to documenting your character’s biography, and prepare to dive deep into seasonn, mods, storytelling and imagination!

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Character Power Curve with Alastair Stephens. Listen in as we poke fun at Stu’s walk-through foibles as well as celibrate his triumphs. Lore Rabbit Hole – St.