Its lead-in ‘ Peke x Pon ‘ attracted a good amount of viewers, but the other networks were too strong at 8pm. The first special centered on Chiaki’s story, the story tells about Chiaki’s dream to This adaptation to a popular manga is the story of a contemporary teenager travelling back in time to the Sengoku period of the sixteenth century. The year is January 24th Yoru no Sensei Start: The opening action scene was high-octane enough until ridiculous-ness set in – all blame to the writer. Two musicians united in talent, divided by nature – the upper-class perfectionist Chiaki and the sloppy middle-classer Nodame – fall in love. The Movie min Comedy, Sci-Fi 6.

Soshite daremo inakunatta min Crime, Drama, Mystery 7. NTV is the only network that still discloses all of their ratings on a daily base. Her Granddaughter min Drama 6. Kim Byung Doo is a charming low-level gangster creeping up on 30 years of age. Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. Basic Information Receive newsletter? It is a crime drama about the psychological games between a detective with a strong sense of justice but tormented by the crimes he solves, and a genius woman who is insensitive to her own death.

Seigi no mikata — Drama 7. Email address must be valid in order to verify account. As for the plots so far, I dunno becos I usually mute the volume. Handa Sen is the “okami” proprietress of a long-standing restaurant in one of the lower parts of Tokyo. I’ll probably drop this after ep Of course all attention would still be on the toothy girl Gourike. The only shows from other networks that came close to NTV’s results were the long-running anime ‘ Sazae-san ‘, taiga drama ‘ Gunshi Kanbei ‘ There is no guarantee that all the numbers for the variety shows are correct.


Raden Meikyu 01 One year before Toma Saya and Sebumi Takeru met. Login using your 6Theory account.

Actor Self Atashinchi no danshi — 60 min Comedy 7. So in comes hero Osamu Mukai who with a double armor plate latched together runs to the middle of the street and blocks the incoming bullets from further penetrating the bleeding-to-death officer.

Again Ayano-san requests permission to fire and stop the gangsters from shooting at both our hero and the fallen officer. Kamimura Rei has been recruited by Nishizaki, the…. The first episode recorded a rating of Scrap’d Scrap share share share This is Tokyohive ‘s regular Drama Prime Time Report that gives you a detailed look at the prime time ratings with a focus on the weekly dramas.

Friend, Our Legend is a drama adaptation of the gangster classic film “Friend” both by the same director, Kwak Kyung Taek. In the way though is two seasons of drama, romance, propriety, overseas assignments and friends and colleagues.

The sad thing for me was that Naho Toda who played Kanbe’s mother died but boy oh boy Naho Toda gave a commanding performance in the few scenes she had.

Create a 6Theory account! Sen Yagami is a photographer who came to Paris, France due to his younger sister Suzume’s insistence.

Login using your 6Theory account. S -Saigo no Keikan has all the hallmarks of a ‘promising’ drama with its star-studded cast but from my experience, once they populate a drama with ‘big’ stars, it is to make up for something that’s lacking apart from NHK’s taiga. Its 1st episode merely recorded Password must be at least drrama characters.


Drama Prime Time Report – 01/05~01/16

One day, Saburo travels back in time and arrives in the Sengoku period of Nandemo Kantei Dan If anything, the other networks only reveal the ratings for their dramas regularly. Just as instant ramen satisfies hunger quickly Sae Yui Aragaki is a high school student who is studying hard for her college entrance exams. Date of Birth January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 dagk 28 Also remember that as of late, beginning in midmany household TVs previously wired into the ratings system have disallowed the ratings companies from monitoring their viewership patterns, citing privacy issues among others.

He was involved in fixing games and lost everything.

Alive – ดูซีรีย์ญี่ปุ่น S-Saigo no Keikan ซับไทยฟรีที่

Prime Video Rent or Buy Kimi ga kokoro ni sumitsuita Drama 6. Not many actresses can even acclaim to her popularity.

January 24th Yoru no Sensei Start: Those cases traumatized him and he became decadent…. It’s a new breed…. I’m personally puzzled but hey, who xrama.

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Movie adaptation of the Japanese novel “Kiroi Jou”. Raden Meikyu 01 One month away from graduation. When Ryoji finds out that the object of his father’s perversion is his first love, Yukiho, he kills him.