After Team Scorpion fails a military training mission, they are determined to prove their worth to Cabe and Homeland Security when a bomber threatens to take out the internet infrastructure of the entire Southwest. Aired 4 years ago – Oct 27, Aired 4 years ago – Oct 06, Meanwhile, Paige is torn when Drew suggests that moving to Maine might be better for Ralph. Also, Sylvester must help their injured pilot who is unable to make it to safer ground. Aired 3 years ago – Mar 09,

Aired 4 years ago – Feb 23, Meanwhile, Drew asks Walter to help him connect with his son. While you’re at it, how ’bout you get no vaccines today? We don’t have the time. Aired 4 years ago – Sep 22, Thank you for making our content better. To fix a Los Angeles nuclear reactor that’s on the verge of a cataclysmic meltdown, Walter and the team must reluctantly enlist the help of a troubled former member.

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Aired 4 years ago – Nov 17, There’s, uh, no such thing as luck. Team Scorpion is tasked with uncovering a mole inside the CIA whose judgment is clouded by e01e09 of the heart and is being coerced into stealing deadly chemicals.

When a crisis at LAX leaves dozens of airplanes unable to land, the government enlists a team of misfit geniuses to save the day.

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Scorpion, Season 1 Episode#9 – Rogue Element

Aired 4 years ago – Feb 09, Team Scorpion subtitlse help protect Cabe’s ex-wife after she uncovers evidence that suggests foul play in the death of a prominent congressman.


Aired 4 years ago – Sep 22, We don’t have the time.

Visit us for More Fresh Torrents. When Sylvester accidentally triggers an explosive device during an investigation, Team Scorpion must focus on finding who’s responsible even while their friend’s life hangs in the balance. Aired 4 years ago – Oct 27, Aired 4 years ago – Jan 19, The Governor calls on Team Scorpion when his daughter is mysteriously “bio-hacked” with a deadly virus and has only 24 hours to live.

We currently have 2,subtitles for 56, movies and 6, series in languages in our database of which 58, are made by the community, 91, are. Team Scorpion must pass a mandated psych evaluation or face being disbanded after they’re accused of destroying a priceless work of art in an attempt to protect an art exhibit.

Aired 3 years ago – Mar 09, As Christmas approaches, Team Scorpion races to find subtktles way to save a young boy’s life after he gets trapped in a beachside scofpion and drowning is imminent.

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Meanwhile, Walter’s sister takes a break from her MS treatment and spends time at the garage with Sylvester. Meanwhile, Paige must manage Ralph’s expectations when his father returns.

This is a private job, Cabe’s not involved. Aired 4 years ago – Dec 08, Aired 3 years ago – Mar 23, Aired 4 years ago – Oct 13, Am I looking at a dismantled CL? Aired 3 years ago – Apr 20, Against Cabe’s advice, Team Scorpion heads to Las Vegas for a simple casino job, but a robbery leads to Walter’s arrest and the rest of the team is left to clear subtitlrs name.


Scorpion Season 1 Episode 9 Subtitles

Meanwhile, some feelings get hurt when Walter gives an interview and fails to acknowledge the other members of the team. Team Scorpion must jog the memory of an injured former Secret Service agent who is their only hope of preventing weapons of mass destruction being launched from a secret U. Meanwhile, as Valentine’s Day approaches, Toby and Happy help Ralph, who is in the throes of his first crush.

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