Is she your mother? One afternoon, malin and e mak came from the field to their house. I am afraid if Malin not come back. When malin was about to go home , heavy rain fell and lightning were also seized Mother awaited day arrived. How dare you claim to be my mother. I curse you… Turn into a stone…!!!

Thank reportedly Union over! They are a romantic couple. Not long after that, Malin’s body slowly becomes stiff and eventually finally shaped into a rock. Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut, termasuk cara mengontrol cookie, lihat di sini: She is very beautiful. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Turn into a stone!! Suddenly in the middle of the journey, the storm came, the wind, sea waves rise, darting lightning, the ship was shaken.

Surel wajib Alamat takkan pernah dipublikasikan. I want some change. And Malin become a stone when mallin was begging to his mother. He has become a rich man now! Ingin bergabung dengan Brainly? Because of its familiarity, to the extent Malin barely remember the mother at village.

She is very beautiful. I want to find a job in jakarta ,sir. Anonim 23 Februari I am your mother.


I who gave birth and raised him GOD. She wished to see the ship that brought Malin kundang home. He worked without know tired. Draama Rahmadani 11 Maret He was punished because he is not admitting his own mother. Long time ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatera, lived a woman and her son, Malin Kundang.

You are dirty, her skin can be dirty too! I still remember his Face. Malin, who is she? They lived suffered and hanged in the forest.

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My God, how could you say that? In country side, he worked diligently. Malin Kundang pretended not to recognize his mother, embarrassed by her mother was old and wearing tattered clothes. She is very dirty.

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Then Pejambret Malin brought to the police station to obtain further legal proceedings. His mother said, “My son, if you have succeededdon’t you forget about your mother and this village, son,”. Dayat went to house for ask Mom about Malin came back. I must tell it to his mother. Tomorrow, Malin and his wife sailed to Dua Angsa Island. Is she your mother? Eventually, Putri handed his bag with forced. If the Mom know about this news, she was happy.


Dayat is very happy about Malin came back. I curse you… Turn into a stone…!!! She always waits you to come back. Do you forget me, your best friend? Okay my husband, I agree with you!

Naskah Drama Malin Kundang dalam Bahasa Inggris dan artinya

The merchant was so happy and asked Malin Kundang to sail with him. Masuk untuk menambahkan komentar.

They are a romantic couple. You disobedience to your mother. Situs ini menggunakan cookie. When arrived there, Malin went out from his ship. After pushing his mother away, Malin came back to his ship. My husband,shall we go on trip to island for honeymoon? Naskah Drama Malin kundang Nah, teman teman sekalian.